“The Day I Lost My Leg” by John Bartel

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“When John Bartel lost his leg in a farm accident, he had no idea how he would cope with having to re-learn how to do all the the things he formerly enjoyed doing; but with trial and tribulation, he managed to do the things he enjoyed again. This uplifting story about learning to cope with disabilities is a must-read for all ages.Two thumbs up!” – Max R

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32 thoughts on ““The Day I Lost My Leg” by John Bartel

  1. Hi, my name is Christina and I am from Chilliwack, B.C, Canada. John Bartel lost his leg! He lost his leg from a farm accident. John Bartel thought that he couldn’t do the things he loved doing with his real leg. He had to take of his amputated leg off to go swimming. I feel blissful John Bartel got to do the things he loved when he had two legs. (I agree, two thumbs up!)

    • there is a very important lesson to be learned here. I learned determination and hard work result in many wonderful triumphant moments in our lives. also that giving up is an easy way out, therefore, we should always do as Mr.Bartel has done by breaking down walls such as losing a limb.

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  3. Wow it must of been painful to lose your leg from a farm accident. Anyway it sounds you can do lots of stuff now and since man kind has upgraded tecnoledgy you can do more stuff. Have a good time and see you tomorrow and merry Christmas even though it is sorta early.

  4. John Bartel lost his leg in a farm accident. He had to re-learn how to walk and do things he enjoyed like skiing and swimming. He had to take off his amputated leg when he was swimming. John Bartel did not give up on the things he liked. He wanted to do a sport that he did not need to use his legs that much so he picked skiing. After a while he learned to ski good with only one real leg. John Bartel did not give up and loose all hope when he lost his legs he practiced skiing and now he is an excellent skier John Bartel did not give up.

  5. Wow losing a leg must of been scary. I would of been freaked out if i woke up and saw my leg was gone. Did you drive yourself to the hospital or did you go in a ambulance? Once I got a huge cut and when my dad wrapped it up it felt really numb like yours. Did it hurt when you fell on the hill?

  6. Hi my name is Jiayao and I am from B.C Chilliwack. I feel awful for John Bartel. Firstly, I feel awful for him because he lost his leg. It affected him a lot. Secondly, I feel awful for him because he had to relearn how to do some things. One of the things that he had to relearn was how to run. Thirdly, I feel awful for him because I kind of had the same experience before. I broke my leg when I was five years old so I had to relearn how to walk. Lastly, I feel awful for him.

  7. I really enjoyed the storie ( The Day I Lost My Leg :). I like how he tells us if you think you can`t do it you can. He told us that he was barly getting to the hospital. I`m glad he got the metal :):):):):):):):):):).

  8. My name is Jacey. I think John Bartel is a really strong person because he lost his leg in a farm accident. When John had a choice to do anything he wanted to do he picked skiing because he didn’t need his artificial leg and I really like that because John has the right to do anything he wants to do. When John was trying to re-learn the things that he loved he never gave up. I giddy because John never gave up on what he loved to do.

  9. I think that was a really neat story I love the way John Bartel
    wrote his story and I also loved that he was moving
    forward even though it was a hard time for

  10. Shelly- I thought this story was sad for a few reasons. I thought it was sad because John Bartel had lost his leg in a farm accident and had to use an artificial leg. He said he wanted to hike and run and swim again. It seems nothing can stop him from trying to do the things he loves with an artificial leg. It must have been hard though.

  11. Hi Mr. Bartel! I am VERY inspired about your story! The first inspiring part was when you started to do downhill skiing and even though you were going through pain you just toughed it out and you said I can do it! Then another inspiring part was at the end when you said that you went through so many challenges and when you said who would marry a man with one leg. That part really cracked me up:) thankyou for giving us such an amazing life story!

    Rhian Braun

  12. John Bartel lost his leg in a farm. He was rushed to the hospital and got his leg amputated. when he woke up from the anesthetic he started thinking will I be able to walk again? Will I be able to do the things I love to do again? I cant wait for part two of this story.

  13. John Bartel lost a leg and now he can’t do what he wants to do he spent like 5 months in the hospital waiting for his leg and all he had were cruches…… He couldn’t really walk at all when he got his leg but now he can walk and now hes trieing to do the things he likes. Now he’s going to schools to teach them to cope and disibilitys.

  14. I would’nt have thought that I would get up from losing a leg, especially if I chose skiing to be a sport. But John Bartel did, he got up up and he went skiing, swimming, and went through so many challenges. It is very inspiring! I would give this story two thumbs up! Make sure you listen to “The Day I Lost My Leg…”! I approve!

  15. Hi, my name is Cheryl, and I go to Central Elementary Chilliwack B.C. Canada. John Bartel lost his leg in a farm accident. John Bartel thought that he could not do the things he would like to do. I think John Bartel is going to get to do what he would like to do.

  16. Hi my name is Zared.I wonder how it felt to lose alot of blood and how much pain you felt.What feeling did you feel when you got have your first steps on your leg.I wonder it feels to lose a leg.It must feel to have so much pain.I wonder how you can do other activites like snowboarding,swimming,and sports.

  17. Hello, my name is Christina and I cannot believe you had a farm accident. You most have been frustrated and angry while you were hurrying to the hospital and losing all that blood! All of your disadvantages must have been horrifying too. I admire how you expressed your feelings while you told your story and managed to tell do the tings you loved to do with an amputated leg. I feel satisfied you learned work and play with all of those disabilities.

  18. I really enjoyed this story it review is spot on it is a spontaneous I thought he was gonna be about a common accident I was amazed that he was able I’ll be happy to hear part two/the details he was able to cope he met his goal he beat his goal by getting first place.

  19. I think that was very amazing he uses a lot of feelings he is a good storyteller. Also, he must have it hard because he has no leg so what I bet if you did not have on to you would feel bad so dint make fun of him. He is probably struggling with his walking and running so I feel bad for him. I wonder if he is getting better at running and walking.

  20. John Bartel lost his leg in a farm accident. Once he got out of the hospital and tried to re-learn everything he started to take his frustration out on others, I would not have very much patience either! There were things he learned well, but others not so much. Throughout his journey he learned many things ,but one of the important things was to look on the bright side everything has one!

  21. Hi my name is Justice I am from Chilliwack, Bc. I like the story. It was interesting because he wants to do every thing even though he lost one of his legs. He was very motivated to keep being active. I think he was sad because he said, “who would want to marry me with one leg?” Overall the story felt kind of sad because he lost his leg.

  22. Three reasons why I enjoyed John Bartel’s story The Day I lost my Leg. First of all he spoke clear so it was easy to understand him. Secondly’ he put his life experience which always makes a good story and last his story had a good hook that can get people’s attention.

  23. Jon Bartel is a strong man for believing that he can do what he wants and go skiing because he wants to and go swimming because he wants to. Not because someone says no he can’t do it. You say yes yes he can do it.

  24. In the story John Bartel lost is leg was amazing story. I noticed that he kept trying to do swimming and running with the lost leg. I would feel disappointed, sad, and awful. It really cool that he can do all of those sport with one leg. I learn that I should never give up in what I do.

  25. John Bartel lost his leg in a farm accident.
    He went to the hospital ,he was waiting for his leg for 3 or 4 months and all he had was cruches.
    So when he got his leg he couldn’t walk so he practiced walking over and over again and
    so he started to think about what he can do when he could walk. I thought this was a happy story because it had a good ending, where we could walk and do all the things he did before.

    • “Part 2: Learning how to walk at age 23” John Bartel. Mr.Bartels story about how he lost his leg. My favourite part was when Mr.Bartels fake leg came of by the cross walk. Mr.Bartel was walking with his friends and his fake leg came of,luckly his friends were there to help Mr.Bartel. I connect to Mr.Bartel because he likes horses. I know Mr.Bartel likes horses, because I asked him and Mr.Bartel said he likes horses. I have now learned to walk around a machine,not over a machine. I will never walk over a machine after listening to,Learning how to walk at age 23, because I might have only one leg. I will never forget that Mr.Bartel has to charge his fake leg!

  26. I loved your story and I thought it was pretty cool that you could still swim. It must have been very painful when your leg was stuck in the machine. It would have been so scary being on the farm all by yourself and you were very brave to go and get help for yourself. I also liked that you knew that you would be okay.

  27. Part 2 learning to walk at age 23, was a very inspiring living library for me! My favourite part was when Jon Bartel told us how he crawled all the way to his phone when his leg got all ripped up. That was really brave,and it must have hurt a lot too! My connection to his living book was when you said ‘You go through changes but the world never ends!” I think that is a great saying and I think a lot of kids in this class made the same connection as me! One of the most memorable things Jon Bartel talked about was how he tried so hard to get back to what he love to do. I also liked how he would not give up on everything if he could not do it. In Jon Bartel’s speech I learned not to give up on myself right away and to try, try again! Thank you Jon Bartel!

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