“You Can’t Do It!” by Matthew Hawkins

Book Review:

When Matthew Hawkings was a little boy, he dreamed of being a film director.  Everybody, including himself, said that he couldn’t do it.  It wasn’t until years later, when he had his first son, that he decided to stop listening to the voices telling him “you can’t do” it, and start believing that he could.  – Kiera and Esme

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36 thoughts on ““You Can’t Do It!” by Matthew Hawkins

  1. I liked three things about Matthe’s story. The first thing I liked I liked is that he never gave up on his dream to be a filmmaker and a story teller. The second thing I liked about his story is that the story was funny and a bit sad because people said he couldn’t do it. The last thing I liked about his story is that when his baby boy was born that’s when he believed in himself to become a filmmaker. I felt joyous when he read his story to us.

  2. Matthew Hawkins is a film-maker and storyteller. He told us we can do things if we just try. It was a funny story . It was a interesting stay because he talked about his family . I like listening to the story, you can’t Do it!

  3. Matthew Hawkins is a filmmaker and story teller. Matthew Hawkins told our class about how he became a filmmaker. He never gave up, but he did stop for a bit. Despite people telling him he could not do it he tried and tried. He filmed anything that move like grass moving, clocks, truck going by, etc. His first movie he remembered watching was snow white. He makes mini films about almost everything. He has made close to one thousand mini films. Matthew Hawkins has been wanting to be a filmier since he was twelve. His baby boy inspired him to start filming again. When his baby boy was born he knew again he wanted to be a filmmaker. Matthew Hawkins mostly makes 60 second movies and ads for TV and theaters. I would like to film like Matthew Hawkins. Matthew Hawkins is spectacular filmmaker and story teller.

  4. Matthew Hawkins is a great story teller My favriote part of the story was the ten movies for ten dollars thing.You can’t get a deal like that anymore. I enjoyed the part in the story when matthew thougt he used the force on his alarm clock I liked that part cause he said it landed before he could open his eyes It was so incoraging it was

  5. Matthew Hawkins is a great storyteller. Firstly, he is a good storyteller because he looked at all of his audience. He looked at Cheam Elemtary School through the camera of the computer as well. Secondly, he is a great storyteller because a lot of people thought that he is going to look at the script that he bought in for the whole time. Instead he looked at the script for a little ,while then he looked at us again. Thirdly, he is a great storyteller because he used fluency. The story will be very boring if he didn’t use fluency. Lastly, I feel glad that I can listen to him story-tell.

  6. “You can’t do it!
    Matthew Hawkins is an amazing storyteller. Firstly, Matthew Hawkins is an amazing storyteller because he made eye contact to the audience. He looked into a webcam and made eye contact to Cheam Elementary as well as Central Elementary. Secondly, he used fluency. If Matthew Hawkins discussed his story he told us really fast it wouldn’t be good or enjoyable, but if he reads his story just like he did it, it would be enjoyable and not lame. Lastly, he brought a paper in and I thought he was going to read the piece of paper, but he didn’t, he brought it for ideas so he wouldn’t forget what happens in his story. He didn’t put the paper in front of his face or purposely hiding his face because he is shy or embarrassed. I feel satisfied my classmates and I got to listen to Matthew Hawkins story when he was little.

  7. I enjoyed ” You Can’t Do It ” By Matthew Hawkins. Firstly, I liked
    how inspiring it was. It was inspiring because everyone was saying
    he couldn’t film but when he said he could, he did. It was awesome
    how he finally listened to himself and he did it. I think the story was
    is saying, if you listen to yourself, you can do anything. Secondly, he
    goes all over Canada to film. He said he loves his job because he gets
    to go places. The first movie he watched was Snow White. He said he
    Loves Star Wars and the Back To The Future trilogy. Thirdly, I have some
    connections. Firstly, I have a story in my life that I love. Secondly, I love
    Back To The Future and Star Wars. Thirdly, I have been told I couldn’t do
    somthing and I did it. Those are the reasons I enjoyed ” You Can’t Do It. ”
    By Matthew Hawkins.

  8. Two things about the story you can’t do it. Is that I liked the part when he got the chiken pocks and had to stay home and wach ten moves. And that when he had his son in his ars made him feel that he should be a filmer and that is why I loved Matthew Hawkins story.

  9. I like thee things about the story. One thing that I like about the story is that he projected his voce. Another thing that i like about the story that is the move it was said and funny. The last thing is that he made eye contact. The story made me feel cheerful.

  10. Matthew Hawkins is a strong story teller.Matthew Hawkins is a strong story teller because he has a strong voice.Matthew’s voice can project through the whole classroom,so everyone can hear him.Another way is that he makes eye contact with the audience.The way he makes eye contact with the audience helps the audience by letting us hear each sentence he says.Another way is that he has good fluency.Matthew’s good fluency skill helps the audience by,letting us know what he’s saying.Matthew’s story,”You Can’t Do It”,was an inspirational story.

  11. I enjoed Mathew Hawkins Story “You can’t do it” inspiring. I found Mathew Hawkins Storry verry inspiring Because he belived in himself even though other people didnt.
    At one point mathew gave up, because he started to belive thoughs people that dont belive in him, the people that say “You cant do it.” But then his wife had a baby, she had a baby girl. I guess that after having a baby it just gave him a jump start, and he fell in love with movies all over again. Mathew is still making movies today and iI hope he will be makeing them tomorrow.

  12. I know three facts about Matthew A Hawkins. The first
    fact I know is he is a good director. The second fact I know is he makes funny videos. The third fact I know is he has a cool family. I feel amused about Matthews family and short movies.

  13. What I liked about Mathew Hawkins is…What changed his thoughts.He thought that ifhe was gonna tell his first child “you can be what ever you want to be when you grow up” he had to himself.I liked the video ghe shared with us it was a video that showed his familys personalities.Their personalities are fun and cool.His story was about disbelief .Alsoit was about him not believing in what he wants to believe in.His story was great

  14. Matthew Hawkins is a great story teller. When he was little and got his first camera, he got it taken away because he was fooling around and almost broke it. Another part that was cool was the video. I liked how he put it was put it together with pieces of video from other movies he made. I found that he made eye contact with us and Mrs.Bartels class that was really nice. Usually it is hard to look at people and read at the same time that is a very hard skill. Matthew inspired us to keep going no matter what, cant wait until the next living library presentation.

  15. Why mathew hawkins is a great story teller.It was easy to undersand him.He spoke in loud voice.It was easy to make connectons. I got what he was saying.He dident make mistakes.He knew what he was talking about.I feel happy about his story.

  16. Mathtew hawkins is a film maker and storyteller Matthew was talking about the hawkins familey then after he showed us a movie about the hawkins familey. And some of us asked some qustions. Then he left.

  17. Three things I connect to on Matthew Hawkins story I Cant do it. Firstly, I connect to his first stop motion video. It reminded me of my stop motion called Epic Jump. Secondly, I connected to Matthew saying that the old Star Wars. Also I connected to the part were he believed that he could not do it but he did. I once said I would never get b honours but I did. I enjoyed the story I can’t do it.

  18. Matthew Hawkins is a great storyteller. Matthew Hawkins is a great storyteller because he maked eye contact with people that are listening . Also maded eye cotact with cheam secondary school. He also,made me think of me because when I was around six I wanted to make movies. Cause I thought it was cool to make movies. He had a loud voice that everyone could hear.Matthew Hawkins talk loud enough so cheam school could hear also. Matthew Hawkins is an amazing storyteller.

  19. mathew hawkins is a great story teller
    my favorite part was when his wife gave
    him the video camara. I felt like i had
    a cenection with him because i really
    want to make movies and commercials.
    mathew hawkins i think you should make
    a real movie because you have talent

  20. I love your book! it is very inspiring! my favorite part was when you thought you could use the force to lift up your alarm clock! and when your wife made that mini movie for you! i bet that inspired you alot!!! you are one of the people that inspire me. thanks Matthew Hawkins.

  21. Hi Matthew, I have three things that I really liked about your story. The first thing is that I abosoulutely loved that you would never give up. Secondly, I aslo liked that you always had a dream that you could do it, and you did it. Lastly, I connected to you about saying that the old Star Wars are better. It made me fell inspired to follow my own dreams.

  22. My three favourite parts of Matthew Hawkins story.I liked how he wanted to be a director when he was young but everyone said he couldnt.my 2nd favourite part was where he steped up and didnt listen to those people who said he coudnt do it.My 3rd favourite part was where he filmed his first video of his children

  23. I loved this story, it taught me that almost anything is possible. I do some stopmotion my self its on LEGO and its not the best but I can get better at it. Also I love the movie STARWARS all of them infact I do try to use the force. Your story has got me very intrested in filming I might take lessons. I find it is cool that we have a movie/commercial maker in Chilliwack

  24. great story

    I Love how you spoke slowly. so i could hear and understand everything you said! you inspired me because i love making movies and videos to!

  25. I loved how you toled what was the first movie tou wacht and how you spilt your popcorn. i also like how you said the words nice and clear.

  26. mattew hawkens is a awsome story teller.My favorite part of the story was when you told us the part about when the people said you cant do it.It was my favourite part because even thow people said you cant be a movie person you did it.

  27. The book You Can’t Do it is a very inspiring book. This book is inspiring because of the way Mathtew Hawkins didn’t give up on his dream. I also watced some of his litle movies and I can see why they won prises! I think this story would help ether people bileve in them selves if they lisend to it! Thank you for sharing your story Mathtew Hawlkins!

  28. Matthew Hawkins is a strong and detailed story teller!
    I wish that you could come to our classroom some time!
    I liked the part where you said that you wached Snow White.
    I like it that you read and talk so clear!
    See you soon Matthew Hawkins!

  29. what inspired you to be a movie director? I really like your book it will inspire alot of people. I like the part when he was sitting in his bed room. Matthew is a good story teller. He is the best.

  30. the things i like about your story was that you changed from you cant do it to you can do it.i liked how you put lots of detail so we know what your trying to tell us. your story was not to long or to short. you are a great story teller.

  31. I liked your book.have you been in eny big moves?My favorite part was when you siad you were in about 1000 little movis.

  32. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their comments and the time you’ve spent listening to my story. I really enjoyed visited Central and being a part of the class.
    I hope you guys are all doing well and that that voice inside your head that likes to sneak up on you and say you can’t do what you want to do, is getting smaller and smaller. Listen to that quiet voice inside that says you can do it and keep chasing your dreams.
    Thanks again everyone!

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