“The Joys of Travelling” by David Short

Book Review:

David Short has always enjoyed travelling. But he’s never liked travelling with a tour guide or on planned excursions. He likes to travel on foot, train, car, and bike. He has adventures that are so exciting from climbing the Pyramids in Egypt to capturing snakes in a jar in Libia.  You will love listening to his adventures! Read about this, and you will be inspired to travel in a new way! – Kiera and Levi

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36 thoughts on ““The Joys of Travelling” by David Short

  1. I enjoyed three parts of David Shorts story,” The Joys Of Traveling”.
    The first part of the story I loved was when he drove up that tight turning mountain and his friend started glissading down the mountain. One of David’s friends said “I’ll see you at the bottom!” and tossed his self off the mountain and started glissading! Another part of the story that I enjoyed was when he climbed up the great pyramid and found his fathers name carved in to one of the corners of the pyramid. David was climbing the great pyramid and in the corner of the pyramid he had found his fathers name engraved into the side of the mountain and dissided to carve his name underneath. And the third favorite part I liked was when one of the sodiers put down his gun and took the snake and spun it around over his head and jammed it into a bottle! David and his friend found a snake and tried to put it into a bottle but failed miserably. A solier was watching them from afar and offered to help and took the snake,spun it around in circles and rammed it into the bottle! I really enjoyed David Shorts story and I hope he hase more to come.

  2. I enjoyed three reasons of David Shorts story,The Joys Of Traveling. One reason I enjoyed the book, The Joys Of Traveling. I enjoyed the book because David tryed to put a snakes head into a bottle but its head became bigger, then a solider came and started to swing the snakes head around. The second reason is when David wrote his name under his dads on a sand stone. I enjoyed that part because that means him and his dad hiked up the pyramid and wrote there names on the sand stone. The last reason I enjoyed the book is when David was looking for scorpions. The reason I liked thatpart is because they could find out if they are poisiness. I felt inspired when I first herd the book.

  3. I learned three facts on how to became a better better storyteller today. Firstly, I learned that good storytellers usually make some actions while they are telling their story. Good storytellers make actions while they are telling their story because the story might not be as interesting as if you make some actions. Sometimes their voice will get more quiet without some actions. People might not understand the story when you don’t make any actions. Secondly, I learned that good storytellers sometimes pause when they are telling the story. The entire story will sound like a sentence if you don’t pause. Good storytellers pause because that way they can make people more exited about what is going on next. Storytellers are using fluency when they pause. Thirdly, I learned that it well be the best if you don’t use a script. If you look down at your script for the whole time then it will be disrespectful to your audience. your voice won’t project so well when you look down at your script. If your script is incorrect then you might mess up. I really enjoyed the story. I feel glad that I get to listen to the story. I also feel proud at myself that I learned so many facts today.

  4. I enjoyed three stories David told us today. Firstly, I enjoyed how he told us his experience in Lydia. He would lift up a rock and find different kinds of scorpions. Also, when David looked around, he would see snakes, then he would capture it and try to shove it into a jar, but it failed and luckily a solider was watching and helped him. Secondly, David went to Egypt. David had climbed big blocks of sand and ended up near the middle of the pyramid. He was looking for a French carving, but he found his father’s name and he wrote his name right under it. Lastly, David went to Pakistan. When he went to Pakistan he had a great time. One of the Austrian people started to glissandi. He was sliding with his boots going back and forth side to side and ended up thirty minutes further of David and the crew. Well, now I think tell is some more travelling stories. I feel lively that I heard those enjoyable stories.

  5. I enjoyed ” The Joys Of Travelling” by David Short. Firstly, he went to Libya and met a German boy. The German boy wanted four scorpions and a snake. After they caught the four scorpions, they tried to get the snake in a jar but its head was to big. A soldier was watching them. The soldier came over and whipped the snake around and got him in the jar. Secondly, he went to Pakistan and went on scary roads. The road was in work so they had to squeeze around. They had to go underwater to saw wood that was hooked on the Jeep. One guy jumped off the cliff and glass-aided down the mountain. Thirdly, he went to Egypt and climbed the great pyramid. He was looking for French names carved on the shady corner. Instead he found his dads name carved in it. So he carved his name under his dads name. Those are the reasons I liked ” The Joys Of Travelling” told by David Short.

  6. author:David short
    I enjoyed three things of david shorts story”The Joys Of Traveling.”Firstly,I liked the snake because it’s head went flat. To get it back to normal they had to do the gundam style dance.Secondly,I liked the glissading part because they thought he was dead.Glissadingsonds harder than sking snowboarding.Lastly,I like the coincidence on the pyramid for david short.Then he carved his name under his dads name.I thought david shorts story was marvelous and great. 🙂

  7. I liked three arts od davids story.The first part i liked about his story is that it was funny and scary at the same time.When Mr.Short was telling his story it was scary in a funny way and he told the scary parts in a scary way.The next part i liked about his story was when he tried to put the snake in the bottle the head got bigger.When Mr.Short tried to put the snake in the bottle an african guy came and he lasoed it and the head got smaller so he put it in the bottle.the last part i liked about his story is that when he was climbing the peramid in eygiped he found a rock that said h short.That rock with the anishals h short was his father so he carved his name on the bottom of the rock.I felt entertaind when Mr.Short toled his story.:D

  8. David Short likes to travel without a schedule, have you ever tried? On his travels David went to Lybia. In Lybia he found scorpions, a snake, a drummer boy and went hitch hiking. When he hitch hiked the drummer boy couldnt come on the ride because he had snakes and scorpions with him. Another place he went was Pakistan to ride up a mountain. When he was on the jeep he had to ride on the front due to to limited space. Once they stopped near the top of the mountain one of the men he was with started glissading down the mountain side, he got down a half hour before David and the others. Lastly when he went Egypt he climbed up the great pyramid, he decided to see if any names were carved in the pyramid top, of course the only name he found was the same as his fathers, sure enough his father carved it. Mr.Short has inresting storys and they are very enjoyable too.

  9. what I liked about David Shorts story .The first thing I liked about David Shorts story is when a man was throwing a snake in the air it was funny to make it smaller to put it in the gar.The second thing I like about the story is that he had a cat named neichze.I like cats and this cat has a cool name it is neichze the last thing i liked about the story was when they had some scorpion and a snake.but they couldent have agot on the jeep with the scorpion and a snake.wrap up feeling sentence:when iherd the story it made me interested in the story so it was a pretty good story.

  10. I enjoyed David Shorts story “The Joys Of Travelling”. Firstly, I liked the part when David went to Pakistan. One funny part of David’s Pakistan trip was the Austrian glissading down the slope. I also liked how David had to sit on the hood of the Jeep. Also I think it would be very intense to saw a tree underwater. Secondly, I enjoyed the part in the Libyan desert. I thought the German man was funny because he wanted almost every scorpion he saw. And the Libyan solider whipping the snake around his head and stuffing it in the bottle was hilarious. Also when the driver was kind enough to pick up David he did not pick up his friend because of all the scorpions.
    Thirdly, David also went to Egypt. there he climbed the Great Pyramid Of Giza. David found his fathers initials and carved his initials under. He said he would never go on a package trip. I loved
    Davids story.

  11. Would you ever want to travel with no time limit no destanation like David Short. This is what happend When David went to Lybia. His friend wanted to catch scorpions and snakes so they got some jars. David Short lifted three rocks and found one brown scorpion one yellow scorpion and one red scorpion. After they put the scorpions in jars David Short saw a snake he grabbed the snake by the neck and tried to put it in a jar the snake made his neck bigger so he did not fit in the jar then a soldier came over and swung the snake in the air and put it in a jar. David Short ride in pakistan with a friend. David Short was hiking with his friend when three astrian guys drove over to them and asked if they wanted a ride through the mountians they got in but there was not enough room David Short hade to ride on the hood David Short said it was a bumpy ride. They had hit road constution one of the astriun guys jumped down the mountian and went glissading down to the bottom he made it down half an hour before them. This is what happend when David Short went to Egypt. David wanted to climb the pyrimids to find french names so he climbed the pyrimids he seached and found nothing. When he was seaching he found H Short he thought it was his dads name so he wrote his name under it David Short. I liked David Short’s story The Joys Of Traveling.

  12. I thought that David Shorts story ” The Joys of Travelling “, was very enjoyable. My favorite part was when they were looking for scorpions and snakes in Lybia. We were lucky anough to get the author himself to come, so when he told us the part about the scorpions and the snake it was funny he was moving around showing what was happening in that part. He went to so many places! He went to Lybia, Pakistan, and the pyramids in Egypt, it must have been amazing. I also liked the part with the man in Pakistan. When he said there was a man who was glissading, it sounded so cool to ski with no snow or skis. Those are some of the reasons that I liked his story!

  13. I enjoyed three parts of David Short’s story, The Joys of Travelling. I like the story about the desert. He saw scorpions and a snake. I like the story when david went to egypt. David climbed the pyramid and carved his name in the stone. I liked the story a bout the ride in the jeep. He had tobhang on tight in the jeep because the road was bumpy. I would like to do some traveling, like to Egypt.

  14. Hi David, I really enjoyed your book. It has to be one of the best. I have Three favorite parts. My first has to be when your hanging to the windshield of the car and then they stop.. at a 2500 foot drop! My second one has be when your picking up a rock and each and every rock has a scorpion under it. My last but certainly not least ,was how you described the pyramid blocks and, how huge they were! You really inspired me to go travelling like you when I’m older! Thank You so much for coming in and telling us your story!

  15. Hello David, I liked your story! It was really neat that there were different coloured scorpions under the rocks! My very favourite part of the story was when you explained about the pyramid, and how tall the pyramid blocks were, ( as tall as a school desk!
    I also liked the part when you lifted up a rock, and that there was differint coloured scorpions!
    Have a nice day!

  16. Hi David, i really enjoyed your story.My favorite part was when the guy jumped off the cliff and skied down the hill. I really liked how you spoke loud and clear. You will inspire a lot of kids. Thank you for telling us a brilliant story. I hope you can come to Cheam Elementary School. I really want to travel now.

  17. I loved the part when you saw all the different scorpions. Next thing my favorite part was when you put the snake in the bottle. I thought that was pretty good. Last part that was a good story I hope you could tell more next time.

  18. Hi David I liked the part of your story that was about how you sat on the front of the jeep and the pyramid that you and your dad carved your names in it. I had an connection to the pyramid part becouse I did not carv my name in a pyramid but I carved my name in to a table .Was it scary looking down a very steep cliff?

  19. Hi David I liked your book. My favorite part was you carving your name in the pyramid. It was my favorite part because you and your dad did it. I would like to go to Australia because I would like to see a kangaroo. Hope your next trip has a story too.

  20. I really liked your book. One of the best parts was when you went on the front of the jeep and the part where the guy went skiing on his boots. It was cool that there was a sporpion under every rock, and I also liked how the snake had to get spun around like that. It was very cool that you found your fathers name in the pyramid blocks. Your story inspired me to travel that way, lots of cool things can happen. thanks for telling us that story.

  21. David Short talked about his crazy adventures. One was when David went to Africa and started to take the snake apart. Also when David and his friends went under water in a sewer and they had to quickly go one by one because it was colder then our tap water. Finally, he lived in Eygpt and climbed up a pyramid to look for french names carved on a block. David Short’s story made me feel like I was traveling but in a crazy way. Thank you David Short for sharing your story for all us kids. I really enjoyed listening to your story.

  22. I think David Shorts living book was great! I think that it’s cool that there’s different coulerd scorpeins.The only thing I don’t get is why that german gye wanted to Keep them? Going up that MT must have been scary espeshely when you were on the frount of the truck! It’s crazy that that gye acshely skied down on his boots! I down’t think its fair that the women and kids have to work like that but someone has to do it. It’s crazy that that tree stump got stuck inder the jeep but I gess if nun of that stuff happened then it would not really be an edvecher! It must have been tiring clibing that pirimid. It was also cool to ingrave your name in the perimid! Thanks for saring your storys!

  23. Thanks David for the book I loved it.My favorite part was when the libian guard got the snake and spun it around and around in circles. I also liked were you described the pyramid blocks. I also thought finding lots of scorpians under every rock that was interesting as well. But my most favorite part was when you got on the front of the jeep I would have been scared the whole way up the mountain. It was cool when the guy skied down the moutain with out skies. Thanks again for the awesome book you should write some books about traveling if you havent. So safe travels 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Hello David I really liked your story these were my favourie parts. I really liked the part were you carved your name in the pyramid. My 2nd favourite part was when you had to hang on to the front of the jeep. And my 3rd favourite part was when you fliped over the rocks and you saw all those different scorpions.

  25. Hi David !
    This is Levi. Your story was cool. I like the part when you found all the different colored scorpions under the rocks. My favorite part was when you talked about the pyramids. My second favorite part was when your truck got stuck with the stump under it. Third favorite part was when the gaurd threw the snake around into a bottle. Fourth favorite part was when you met the German man and you asked him what he was looking for, that was funny! I liked the part when you carved your name in the rock under your Dads name. Another part that I liked is when your friend jumped off the cliff and started to ski on his boots. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with my class. It was awsome, have a good day.

  26. I loved your story . It was cool i also liked when you where on the front of your jeep. And when that guy swung the snake around . that was cool i really liked when he jumped of the hill and when he used his boots as skies i think it was cool . And when you saw the big hals of ice i wonder what he thought i really liked your story it was awesone.

  27. Wow what an interesting story. The things i liked the most was when you the snake into a bottle ,when that guy was skiing with his boots I never knew you could ski with your boots. And I liked how you went up and carved your name on a pyramid. That is cool that you found your dads name there to. Your story was very interesting. Thank you for sharing that story I really enjoyed it.

  28. I really enjoyed the living book ” The Joys of Travelling” because it told me not to go travelling in packages or tours because then we have to go where the other person wants us to go and for the time they want us to go. If you choose where to go it makes a better time for you to have fun and you get to explore stuff you want to explore. You can stay anywhere for as long as you want to and see different things than on a tour. David Short told us about the stuff he did and saw when he was travelling. It made me want to travel and see things in the world. When the Lybian guard was swinging the snake around and then got it in the jar it was really exciting. When David went to the pyramid and he found his dad’s name on the top brick it made me want to go to Egypt. He also met very nice people when he was travelling.

  29. Hi David! These are my four favourite parts of the story. My first favourite part of the story was when you told us about the scorpions. That would of been neat to find all diffrent coloures and kinds of scorpions. And my second faourite thing was when you told us how you got to ride on the front of the jeep. That must of been cool but scary. I wonder how the drivers could see? My third favourite thing was when you told us you were in Egypt. That would of been awsome. I would of liked to see all the pyramids. My fourth favourite thing is when the guard stuffed the snake in the bottle, but that would of been sort of cruel. By david. Nice story.

  30. Do you know what kind of scorpians you saw? I liked when the soldier whirled the snake around and put it in the jar. that was a great book! How fast was the guy skying whith no skiis going? Very awsome book David.

  31. I like how you said traveling is not about getting on a plane and going to a destanation. you said it is about going on your own speed by walking,cycleing,takeing a train and i thought that was really awesome.

    I realy liked your story. One of my favourite parts is when you said you could’nt see any snakes or scorpions. Then someone said to flip over some rocks and you did. You saw a red, a brown, a green, and a yellow scorpion sleeping under the rocks. Then you saw a snake on the ground and you had no idea if the snake was dangerous or not. There was a Libian soilder watching you. He grabed the snake and swung it in the air like a lasso. Then the soilder put the snake and the scorpions in a plastic bottle. Then a European man came up to the soilder and you, he asked if he could have the bottle. The soilder said yes and the man took it.

  33. Hello David! I really liked your living book! It was very exiting! My favorite part was when the Libian soldier was swinging the snake around and before when you and the little german boy found all of the scorpions under the rocks!. And when you were in pakistain and you were talking about the terrorists and when you were trying to get to the centeral town and when you had to walk up and down and up and down and you were talking about the boy that traveled with the tourists and they complained that they did not get good breaks. my favorite part about that story was when you were on the front of the jeep! that was very funny! Your story was one of the most funny and inspiring books I have ever herd and congradulations for surviving sitting on the front of that jeep! Bye!

  34. That was an amazing story! I loved the part when you told your German friend to lift up a rock to find Scorpion. I also liked when the Libyan guard was swinging the snake around to get it in the jar. It must be pretty hard to hang on to the front of a moving jeep. It was really cool when the guy who drove the jeep went skiing down the hill with no skis! It was rally cool when you found your dad’s name carved in the corner of a pyramid block. Thank you for coming and sharing your stories with us! Maddie.

  35. Hello David
    The joys of travling was a great story,very exiting.
    My favorite part of the book was when the Libian
    soldier was swinging the snake around. I also really
    like the part when you were in front of the jeep,
    that was funny. Thank you so much for bringing in
    that awsome story!

  36. Hey David,
    I loved your book, you had amazing and crazy parts it. But I have 3 favrit parts of the book. First, I love when you were swinging the snake. Second, I liked how you were lifting up the rocks and under everyone there was a scropien. Third, I love how you were on the jeep that was cool!. Thank you for taking your time to come out and tell your storie to us. From Mel

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