“We Are All Able To Help” by Ron Ediger



Thank you letter from Haitian students to Ron and his volunteers:


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18 thoughts on ““We Are All Able To Help” by Ron Ediger

  1. I enjoyed Ron Edigar’s story “We are All Able To Help” for a few reasons and I have a few connections. Firstly, I liked how passionate he was about helping people in developing countries. Many adults and children would be still living in poverty and/or even died if they hadn’t of helped in ways like feeding them rice and building a well. It makes me feel good that we can help in any way we can for developing countries. Secondly, I feel bad for the people in Haiti because they are experiencing poverty and hunger, as well as extreme thirst and a lot of them are dying because of them. When I’m thirsty, I turn on a tap and clean water comes out instantly. That’s not the case for people in Haiti.Thirdly, I have some connections. We are doing campaigns to help hunger and thirst in the world such as: We Scare Hunger and We Create Change to help hunger and thirst in developing countries. I fell good good about myself for helping people in countries with poverty and hunger and thirst. Are we doing enough though? Those are the reasons I liked the story “We are all able to help” told by Ron Edigar.

  2. What I liked about Mr. Ediger’s story. I liked that classroom were bullt so kids could go to school. The people got rice so that they could eat. A well was built so the people had clean drinking water. This makes me want to help the poor people who need it.

  3. Ron Edigers journey to Haiti was obviously dramatic! Firstly, Ron Ediger made a massive change for Haitis community society. Ron went to a less fortunate village in Haiti called Dumay which there were people starving to death. Also, hr brought approximately, five hundred fifty bags of rice to feed a family for 3-5 days. He built washrooms for the people in Haiti because he cares for them and they usually do their business in the ditch, but they have to use the washroom because it was their first time. Secondly, he built some schools so children could get education. First, he built an elementary school for the middle ages. Then, they built a pre-school because the middle age children had to babysit the children while the parents go to work. Also, they built a high school for the older children to get education. Lastly, he gave people in Haiti clean water. Ron Built a well in the ground and gave all the people in the village clean water. They drilled a hole into the ground and get fresh water to drink, bath in, and clean in. The people in the village were overjoyed to have clean water! When he came and told his story, my heart starting shining with joy. I feel exhilarated that he got to come and tell us his journey in Haiti.

  4. Ron Ediger is a kind and genurous person. Ron helps people living in Haiti were people need clean water and food and many other needs. His construction team completed six projects in eight years, the team has made a preschool a elementary school and a high school, but they built much more than that. Ron was also handing out rice, two killograms of rice was about enough for a family for five days. I think Ron Ediger is a inspiring man. I wish I could go to Haiti to help the people in need!

    Thank you Ron, you have inspired me even more than before!

  5. I liked three parts about his book. The first part I liked was when Mr. Ediger’s son provide a tap tap, which is a cab. He provided it for a high school student because he had to walk five and a half hours to go to school and to go home at night. Mr. Ediger’s son paid a cab for a hole year because a student had to walk for five and a half hours just to go to school. The next part I liked was when Ron and his team built a preschool, a high school and a feeding center. Ron and his team built a feeding center because after the earthquake they didn’t have any food. The last part I liked was when Ron and his team dug a well for the Haiti people. When Ron and his team dug a well clean water came out. I feel really fortunate for the Haiti people.

  6. In Haiti they don’t have any sports equipment so they have to use pop bottles to be able to play soccer. Ron Ediger went over to Haiti and built a classroom and desks. Ron Ediger is going back to Haiti to build a hospital. If I went over to Haiti I would help everyone there. Like giving them food, build houses, bathrooms. Also, I would give them if they didn’t already have it clean drinking water.

  7. What I liked about Ron Ediger story was. I liked the fact that they made schools. Including a well to get water and a lunch program. I also liked that he helped six projects. It took eight years of work. I have a connection to him making a well. Since we’re raising $100.000 for four wells for a lifetime of water for four people. Ron Ediger’s story was marvelous.

  8. Mr.Ediger’s story was very inspiring, and it made me sure that I am able to help. When Mr.Ediger went to Haiti he was going to help one village, but there was a hurricane so it was too dangerous to go there. Eventually he made it there to build an elementary school. Once the school was built almost no one went there because they were watching their younger siblings. So a preschool was built.

    Then he went to another village and built a preschool, elementary school and a feeding centre. I guess they built another preschool there because they figured they would have the same problem as they did in the other village. They have the feeding centre for kids that do not get meals at home so they can have some at school.

    Lastly they had a rice giveaway for one of the villages. They had around 160 bags of rice for the tens of thousands of people there. I wonder where they got all of the rice? Mr.Ediger had a spectacular story and I hope we can hear about his next trip to build the hospital!

  9. The first part I liked is where Ron helped Haiti.The second part I liked, is when Ron and his friends bought 350 bags of Rice to feed a day.The third thing I liked, is when he and his friends built schools.

  10. Haiti is a hard place to live in and here’s why. The first reason why Haiti is hard to live in is everyone is poor so they can’t pay for schooling and hospitals. The second reason is Haiti happens to be a spot for natural disasters. The final reason why Haiti is a hard place to live in is that they don’t have clean water to drink from so they get sick a lot. I feel worried about Haiti

  11. What I enjoyed about Ron’s story,”We All Are Able To Help”. One of the parts I enjoyed was that Ron built a pre-school, elementary school, and high school. I enjoyed this part because all the children and young adults can’t afford the kind of education that we have. Another thing that I enjoyed is that he participated in six projects in eight years. I enjoyed this part because in the six projects he helped a lot of people so they can survive. One of my last parts that I enjoyed is when Ron and some other people bought 3200kg of rice. I enjoyed this part because the rice fed 1600 people for 3-5 days. Ron’s story was inspirational and enjoyable.

  12. Ron Ediger kind heart. The reason I think he has a kind heart is because he helps little and big kids to school. Also, he gives them clean water and nutritional food to stay live. Plus he gives them clothes and education to become who they want to be. I feel like he is a very help full man because he does ss much.

  13. During, and after the hurricane in Haiti, there were many people dieing or getting quite damage. They got sick from using sewer water for bathing, drinking, and other everyday things you might do with water. A kind man named Ron Edigar came to the island of Haiti. The first time he helped build an elementary school. But the downside about that was the older children had to watch the younger children while their parents were at working in the fields and such, so he helped build a pre-school for the younger children. Later on, he went back, and went to a place in Haiti called Kenscoff. While he was there he helped build a high school. After all that Ron Edigar went back to his home. Later on, he went back to Haiti. Him and a couple of other people gave them rice, not just a couple of bags of rice, 160 bags of rice. That fed 1600 people for 3-5 days. Then he got to see a well get put in, so the people won’t have to use sewer water for bathing, drinking, and such. Soon he will be going back to Haiti to help build a hospital for the sick. So, this is a very inspiring story, about how we are all able to help!

  14. Type or paste your English text here and click on the “Check Text” The living library book We Are All Able To Help is inspiring. Ron Ediger is a very kind man. Ron Ediger is a builder he builds houses in Haiti and gives them food. His first house he worked on was a building for meetings church and more. It was small about the size of a classroom. After that building some one ask him to build a school. He built a preschool elementary school and a high school. He and others built wash rooms benches and a well. My connection is when he built the well in our class we collect penny’s 2500 penny’s gives a person an unlimited supply of water. Ron Ediger gave the people in Haiti food. He bought 350 bags of rice that fed 16000 people for three to five days. There was a teenager that walked five and a half hours to go to go to school to get education because that was important to him. Ron Edigers son helped out as well he got to meet that teenager that walked five and a half hours and he said how much for a tap tap a tap tap is like a taxi or cab, but its is truck you sit in the back and tap when you want to get off his son paid for it for a year. Mr. Willam helped buy a lot of land and helped out. Ron Ediger is a person who helps people in Haiti he is very kind and dedicates his time and money to people who need it.

  15. Ron Ediger was very helpful. Firstly, he is very helpful because he didn’t just ignore the huge issue that was happening in Haiti. Instead, he helped over five hundred people that are less fortune than him. He helped them by building schools, cafeterias, and a water well. The three schools he built was a pre school, an elementary school and a high school. Secondly, he was helpful because he provided food and water to the poor people. They used a drill to get the water out of the ground. The total amount of rice they provided was around one hundred sixty bags. Children there “only get one meal a day”. Thirdly, he was very helpful because he provided transportation to some people. One of the people had to walk eleven hours to school and back per day. The vehicle they provide were “tap taps”. That person still wants to go to school because he said that: it was the only way out. Lastly, I feel awful for the people there. I also feel proud that I tried my best to help them in the Penny Drive.

  16. Three things I liked about this story is … I liked when Mr. Ron Ediger went to Haiti. I also liked when Mr. Ron Edier built a pre-school an elementary school and a high school. I think that it was nice and helpful to get clean drinking water for others. I feelgood when people are helping the poor commuted

  17. Three things I like about the story. One thing I like about the story is that it was thoughtful. The second thing I liked is that people were giving Mr Willam money. My last thing is that 66000 people got feed. I feel cheerful for all the people that got help.

  18. This is very well done presentation,and you can just notice how Mr.Ron Ediger has a special feeling for this place,and he puts all his effort in it to help these poor people in whatever way he can!,continue your excellent work,Ron!

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