“The Big Bear Scare” by Dave Vegt

Make sure to check out the first book in Dave’s Living Book Series – My Brother’s Crazy DreamDavid Vegt - Book Cover - The Big Bear Scare (1)

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35 thoughts on ““The Big Bear Scare” by Dave Vegt

  1. I thought that Dave’s story was AMAZING! These are the reasons why…
    First my favourite part was when the mommma bear got up onto her hind legs to sniff you! What if you didn’t smell good? What could have happened? It was such a powerful story beacause you had suspense, laughter, and braveness, it was AWSOME! I once met a bear and boy, was it FREAKY! I was in the forest (like you) and a bear just walked by! I froze! I wonder how it felt to have TWO bears RUNNING towards you! It was awesome! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  2. I enjoyed “The Big Bear Scare” told by David Vegt. My favorite part of the story was when the bear was startled. I liked when he said: “Whoa Bear” and the bear looked over at him. I’ve seen a bear too. It was in a bush and I heard it grunt. I really liked when he panicked. He thought you have to say: “Whoa bear” when you see the bear if he doesn’t see you. I will not forget how funny it was. It was hilarious

  3. My favourite part of the story is when David got scared and accidentally called a bear over. My connection is about bears are my favourite animal. Bears are awesome!!! I enjoyed how he screamed “ho bear ho bear”. He couldn’t think because he got scared Don’t yell at bears

  4. I liked the audio book The Big Bear Scare. My favourite part was him making noise. I liked that part the best because it was funny. I connect my dad to Dave because my dad hunts animals. It’s about them because they both saw a bear. I thought this story was mush like his last one. I think this because they’re both about animals. I learned leave bears alone.

  5. One part of the book that I remember is that when the bears were running toward David. They were sprinting toward David. My dad took a couple of pictures of a black bear and he also told somebody to get to his car because the person was in the bears territory. My dad told someone to get his car and take the photo. David stood on top of a stump and startled the bear when it hadn’t spotted him yet. He startled the bear and it came toward him. I learned that bears are dangerous

  6. I really enjoyed the story, The Big Bear Scare, by David Vegt. My favorite part was when, he was standing on the stump, while yelling at a bear. When that happened, he didn’t know that if you yell at a bear that hasn’t seen you yet, it will either run away or run toward you. I don’t really have that big of a connection with this story. The only connection that I have with it is that I went hiking once and I saw a bear in the distance. I would have probably freaked out so much if I was him! I bet he was really freaked out when that happened, I definitely would have freaked out, and run away. Well one thing I learned was that I will not become a tree planter for a living.

  7. David Vegt a great story teller. My favorite part in Mr.Vegt’s book was when he didn’t get hurt. That part was my favorite part because he has a life to. My connection to Mr.Vegts book is me. I came in mind when he was tree planting because I really like nature and I think he does to. I also liked the part when his friend ran up the hill. I liked that part because he was carrying a big bag of small trees and I think that was really strong of him to do.

  8. David Vegt is a tree planter one day he saw a cinnamon bear whilst he was tree planting and he got startled. My favourite part was when the mama bear went up to David and was smelling him. He said he thought he was going to die but the mama bear just walked away. My connection is that I have seen a bear before and I was startled. My family and I saw a bear but it didn’t see us so we left. David Vegt watched a video about bears and it said if a bear sees you climb a stump and yell or make a loud noise. It also said bears can run 60 miles per hour. I learned that if you stand on a stump and make a loud noise the bear will hopefully run away. I also learned that bears can be friendly to there more interested in berries and fish.

  9. My favourite part of the book was when he planted trees.Then he thought the bear was his friend.My connection to the Living book is that I saw six bears where I was before.And David Vegt saw two bears.My last favourite part was when David Vegt tried to scare the bears away.And he just made it worst for his life.I won’t forget where he tried to scare away the bears.

  10. David taught me new way to deal with bears. My favourite part of the story was the part where David spotted two bears. That time he might feel surprised. When I listened to the story I made a connection to Man V.S Wild. Bear Grills spotted bears somewhere in the world just like David did. David taught me a new way to deal with bears because when I see a bear I would just freeze. He said that instead you can just put your hands up like you are about to surrender. I won’t forget the new way of how to deal with bears.

  11. The Big Bear Scare by David Vegt was a dazzling living library experience. My favourite part of David Vegts experience was when two of the bears surrounded him and he yelled at the bears when they weren’t looking and they charged at him slowly. David didn’t watch the video he was supposed to so he didn’t know he has to yell to get the bears attention when they look at you, but he didn’t watch the video so he stood there scared and stood like a statue. The connection I made was when my brother and I watched a video about the big foot and they thought that a bear was big foot so they yelled and got the bears attention so they panicked. They didn’t know what to do so they ran and the bears chased them and then they hind behind a tree and lost the bear. Last off, when he tried to scare off the bear. He waved his hands in the air and looked back and forth to the mama bear and to the side so the bear would walk away. Today, I learned that if you get assigned to a job to so, read/watch the things you need to do. Also, I will not forget how hilarious the story was!

  12. “The Big Bear Scare,” was a very humorous story. My favorite part of this story was when Dave described what he was saying when he was trying to scare the bear away. I think I enjoyed this part because he was just saying “whoa bear”! Not screaming and becoming the bigger man. Sometimes when I go hiking there are signs that say bears in the area. The whole time I will have my brother walking in front of me and my mom behind me. When Dave told the story I didn’t really hear much about being scared or nervous. If I was in that situation and told the story to people I would go on and on about being scared! From this story I’ve learned that when you see a bear wait until it sees you to become loud and tall or you will just scare it.

  13. I liked the story The Big Bear Scare. My favourite part of the story is when he made him shelf bigger than the bear he stood on a stump. I know that bears are dangerous. They are dangerous because they live in the wild. I think the story was funny. Whan David was standing on the stump. Don’t get a bear angry.

  14. I like The Big Bear Scare. My favourite part is when he survived from all three bears. My connection is I went camping and we saw a bear on the road it was a baby bear and if there is a baby. Then’ there is a momma bear. Anther part I liked is when all three bears ran to him but stop. Something I won’t forget is that funny story.

  15. I thought The Big Bear Scare was funny. My favourite part ot the story was whea daie sew the bear and painiceb. my connection to the story is a time when Iwas scared. My mom a scary mask fav my uncle and my uncle scared me. I also like the part in the story when he saw two bears insteacl of one. I learned to stay away from bears and don’t yell at them.

  16. Hi my name is ethan. The best part of your story is when the cinomon bear was running up the hill but then a black bear came up behind the cinomon bear. The part that made it a powerful story was he had a nice clear voice,he made actions,he was funny.The connection i had was when he saw the bears. And i saw a bear to. Thank you so much for telling us your really funny story.

  17. Toay david vegt came in for living library. My favourite part of it was when he told us how it was scary when he saw one bear but a few seconds later he saw an other bear even bigger than the first one.He was a powerful story teller because he used action, exciting part, and he was really funy. My connection is that me and my famly have been really close to a bear hiking.

  18. I think it was very funny. My favorite part was when the bear’s where spirting toward’s him. It was a powerful story because he had a good clear voice. I hada connection is when a dog came spirinting towards me then my bro came to help me then he protecting me and he got bit . this was a really wonderful story I was kind of scared!

  19. Todays living library was AMAIZING!!! Dave Vegt came into our class and told us his story ” The Big Bear Scare” It was very exciting and funny! My favourite part was when the mother bear was on her hind legs and was sniffing you and then she walked away. I would want Dave to come into our class again and tell us another story! Thankyou Dave Vegt.

  20. Dave Vegt told a living library story called,The Big Bear Scare. My favorite part of the story was when he got up,on the stump,when he was not supposed to,and said “Woh bear, woh bear!”
    Great deatails,that is what made it a great story.
    I could make mental images in my head. It was also a good story because it had supense,it made you wonder what would happen next. The Big Bear Scare was a great story!

  21. I thought you’r story was AWESOME. I like how you used lots of detail that made me make mental pictures in my head. I thought that your story was really exciting,cool,awesome and I think you should come again and tell another story so thank you so much.

  22. I thought this story was really funny. My favourite part was when David tryed to wack the bear bear in the nose with a shovl. My connetion was that when I saw bear. I thought David was a great speaker and he was really funny. The story was really cool

  23. I thought that Dave Vegt story was my faverite story yet in living library!. It was so detailed that it made it so interesting. He was so funny that it cuaght my attention. Thank you Dave Vegt for coming!.

  24. The Big Bear Scare. My favourite part was when Dave Vegt thought that the bear was his friend, because Dave used lots of detail, and his story was so funny. I thought Dave made his story very powerful,because he added lots of detail in speaking,actions, and diferrent voices\ sound effecs.My connection is that I have saw a bear,I have thought an animal was a person!!

  25. My favaurite part was when Daved saw the mother Bear . And when he made a funny noise . I really liked the story because it was so interesting . I thought he was a powerful speker . thank you for cuming .

  26. I thought your living library book was the best living library book i’ve heard. My favourite part was when you were standing on the stump yelling. I thought that part was interesting because nobody knew what the bear was going to do. You made a powerful story because you put detailed so we were all interested. I loved how all the detail made me think of mental images. It made the story much more interesting. Your story was so funny I really enjoyed it.

  27. I thought Dave’s living book was the best one yet. My favorite part was when he was thinking of hitting one of the bears with the shovel. I think this is the best part because he made it sound funny and he made it exciting. My mental image was Dave trying to scare the bear away so he could run away or start tree planting again. I thought he used lots of details to make the book sound interesting. Thank you for coming in to our class.

  28. My favourite part was when Dave Vegt got up on a stump and used a loud voice to get the bears attention. Dave Vegt made it a powerful story by using lots of details. Dave made lots of actions and lots of mental images

  29. What made your living book so good and what made me think mental images. My favourite part of this living book was when you startled the cinnimon bear and it started spinting at you. This living book made me think lots of mental images, like when, ou saw the bear at thr hill I imagined a grassy hill with a tan colored bear bear on it. This is a powerful story becuase you put a lot of detail into your words and you had actions while you were speaking.

  30. THe big bear scare:
    I liked your story! My favorite part is: when Dave said ‘whoah bear, whoah bear’.what made this story great was that he made it funny, exciting, he had dffernt vocies. The part that made it a real good story was when he saw the two bears, when he thought tht his friend was running up the hill then he noticed that t was actully was a bear.

  31. My favorite part of Daves book was when he Said the bear was running at him. Then he wanted to hit on the nose. But he would only be able to hit one, and the other one he thought would attack him. I think what made it such a powerful book was it was funny, he did actions, he looked like he was wearing the same clothes. He plants trees in the bush were theres wild animals. I plant trees with machines on my farm. Thank you for coming and telling us one of your life expernses.

  32. I thought that Dave’s story was awesome! It was action packed, funny and nature related (just what I love!). My favourite part was when the mom bear stood on her hind legs and sniffed the air. Dave made his story powerful by using actions and exciting words. I have mental images of the forest he was tree planting in, what the two bears looked like, the stump he was standing on, the shovel he was holding and so on. I learned that the bear has to see you before you yell at it. Thanks for sharing your story with us Dave!

  33. I think Dave Vegt’s story was hilarious! The funniest part was when he was standing on that stump yelling “Hey bear!” when the bears were running towards him! I think this because first of all, the way he told it was funny and it was just a funny story! My connection to this living book was when Dave said he thought he was going to dye, I felt the same way when I was on a supper scary roller coaster! I really liked Dave Vegt’s story! I hope he comes to our class again!

  34. Wow what a great story. My favorite part
    was when the mama black bear came to defend
    her cub. I also liked how the mama bear was sniffing
    Dave Vegt and giving him a smelling test!!!!!
    I liked how Dave pronounces things
    ex: they both were coming,I was going to die!
    Like when he said the most exciting parts he
    really BOOMED his voice, and that was good because
    that’s what makes a powerful speaker!
    I just want to let Dave know that his story was
    the best one yet!!!!!!

  35. I thought The Big Bear Scare was good. My favourite part of the book was when Dave thought he was going to die. My connection to the book is a fact. I know that bears like honey. Dave Vegt saw a bear while tree planting. I learned never go close to bears.

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