“The Wonderful World of Technology” by Michael Haworth

http://livinglibrary33.podomatic.com/enclosure/2013-01-08T12_52_28-08_00.mp3Michael Haworth - Wonderful World of Tech

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34 thoughts on ““The Wonderful World of Technology” by Michael Haworth

  1. I really liked this story a lot
    because I am very interested
    in technology and how they are built, used
    and taken apart again. I own quit a bit of
    technology myself like an: I-pod and a 3DS.
    My family owns a: T.V., Wii and an i-mack computer.
    I loved how Mr. Haworth worded the really cool parts
    and how not only the class got excited but Mr.Haworth
    also got really excited to!

  2. Hi. These are some of my favourite parts of your story. My first favourite part of your story is when you showed us that recording of the computers talking to each other. My second favourite part is when you were teaching us how to pod cast on the computer. Last but not least …… number 3 my third favourite part was when you told us how you take apart electronics. THAT WAS COOL!!!

  3. I thought that was one of the best storys yet. My favorite part was when he found a recording of a 2 computers comunicating that was AWESOME! Anothe part that I loved was when he told us that he took apart stuff that wasn’t working and that he tryed putting diffrent parts into other machines. Thank you for coming in Mr. Haworth I loved it.

  4. Hello, Michael Howorth, I loved your story, my 1st favourite part of the story was when you were taking apart different things and trying to make useful stuff out of it.
    My 2nd fav. part was when you were interested in that electric kettle, but wasn’t alowed to take it a part!
    My last fav. part was when you told us about seeing a person on the computer from the other side of the world!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH For Sharing Your Story With Us!!!

  5. I really liked this living library because not only did Michael Haworth make
    his story funny but it was also very educational! in his story, Michael Haworth, talked about how much he loved to play with electronics and take things apart electronics! Then, after the story he told us podcast things which was super duper cool!!! I can’t wait to do so podcasting again!
    That was a great living library story! Thank you Michael Haworth for that great story!

  6. I really liked your living library about your life. I found it very interesting when you taught us about the voice recording where you can record your voice reading a book and putting music to it, that’s was really cool. Thank you for teaching us about technology . Thank you for coming Mr. Haworth!!!!

  7. Hi Mr. Haworth! Its Rhian! Your living library was amazing! one of my favourite part was when you went to that technology museum type thing and on the screen you said that there were flashing lights and crazy spinning dials and then the printer printed your name with decorations and stars all around it and it was funny when you were talking about how you were 2 or 3 and you always played with your electric kettle! That was very interesting. I really connected to your story when you said that you LOVED to take apart electronics and anything that caught your eye! that part i really clued into!:) And it was very fun when you showed us that program that we could record our voices and add the songs into the story! Thankyou for coming into our class and for teaching us all of that new technology’s and program’s! Thankyou

  8. This was such a cool story! It had to be one of the best.
    But one of the best parts of your story was when you saw your first computer. That had to be amazing! You told us that you were on a school field trip and that when you saw it, that it was huge, and that it kept on beeping, and blooping. Then when it printed out your name, you thought that was soooooo COOL ! I have always thought that technology was awesome! When I got my Ipod I was amazed at what it could do! I had so much fun looking at everything on it, that when I was done, looking at it, an hour had almost passed! It was also soooo cool how you taught us how to podcast! I had soo much fun with that! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH, MICHAEL HAWORTH! THANK YOU AGAIN!

  9. Hi I really liked your story because I like learning about technology and how to use websites . My favourite part of the story was when you talked about taking apart computers . I had a conection to your favourite tehnology being I – pods, andI- pads ,and I – phones . Thank you for coming to cheam to tell us a story !!

  10. Thank you Mr.Haworth for coming to Cheam Elemantry school in the grade four/five class. I really enjoyed your story. My favourite part of your story was when you took the useless electronics apart and turned them in to useful things. I also really enjoyed it when you taught our class how to use podcast . It was really fun! I hope you can tell us more things about your life with technology.

    Thank you for sharing The wonderful world of Technology.
    Hope you can come again soon Mr.Haworth!


  11. I love this story very much beacuse I love technology and I have lots of technology. I really like the part when you talked about the big computer and how the printer printed your name on the paper that was AWESOME. My favorite technology is the computer because you can play games and skype your freinds. Whats your favorite peice of technology? And can you come over to my house and fix my computer it has some virusis just kidding and thanks for comeing and telling us a GREAT,AWESOME,KOOL story.

  12. I have been instredstrid in tecnolegy since I was 3 years old. I can remember one of my first video games I played and it was a classic Super Nintendo game called Super Mario World one of the best Mario games in history,I still have this consel and I play on it somtimes. I also remember playing on the computer 12 hours or more playing one game with my Dad Starwars Battle Front 2. My Dad knows alot about computers. Well I thought your story was great since it was all about computers. All the tecnolegy I have is… an Xbox 360,PS3,Wii,Ipod,computer,DS and a Super Nintendo. All of the game consels were the famliys and we have 2 Ps3’s and 5 computers 3 of then are good, and the game consels were collected in diffrent years that were far apart.

  13. Hi Michael my favourite part of your story was where you saw one of the first computers in 1970.My 2 favourite part was when you played with the electric cettle.My 3rd favourite part was when you dismantled a ipod.Thanks alot for comeing to our school Michael Haworth

  14. My favorite part of your living book was when you let us listen to the modem on your iphone. It sounded really cool. I also liked how you described the first computer you saw in grade one on the field trip. I also liked when you said you got your named printed on a piece of paper in stars from the BIG computer! Computers, ipads, ipods, phones, and other technology are very helpful and fun. It was fun getting taught how to broadcast with partners. THANK YOU FOR COMING AND TELLING US YOUR LIVING STORY!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I really liked Michael’s story. It was probably the funnest living library so far, because we actually got to work with technology. Doing podcasts was pretty fun. I liked how he told us about how he was so interested in technology, even when he was a baby. I like taking things apart too, and then building them back together. I’m glad he came in to talk to our class and taught us how to use technology more through podcasting. I never knew how to podcast before, so thank you for teaching me!

    • My favorite part was,when you showed us about that thing on the computer. My second favorite part was when,you told us what you took apart and could not put it back together.
      Thankyou Mr.Haworth

  16. I enjoyed “The Wonderful World Of Technology” told by Michael Haworth for a few reasons. Firstly, I my favorite part of the story was when he talked about taking things apart. He said: “I took apart TV sets, VCR’s, and radios. Secondly, I enjoy working with technology too! I use my iPod and my Xbox a lot and I’ve learned how they work. Thirdly, I think Michael Haworth likes technology so much because he’s been around technology his whole life. He said when he was a baby he played with technology. Lastly, I won’t forget how important technology is to people’s economy.

  17. I like technology a lot! My favorite part of this story was when Michael saw the picture from the students around the world. Someone in Quebec sent a picture of a polar bear outside their window and another person sent a picture of sand dunes outside their house! I always use technology in my every day life with things like computers and TV. It is very cool to hear what technology used to be like, before I was even born! A computer would fill a whole room! I won’t forget how much can change in such a short amount of time!

  18. I personally really liked the story, “The Wonderful World Of Technology”! It was fun when he used the modem recording. It sort of sounded familiar, it was kind of annoying, but I still liked it! I usually use a lot of technology. I use my phone, iPod, computer, and others almost every day! I also sometimes like to take things apart. This one time I I took something apart and I ended up making light, I still don’t know how I did it though! I will jot forget this story, it was fun and a learning experience!

  19. Michael’s story is intriguing. Michael saw his first computer in 1975. He had a recording of a modem on his phone. It sounded like a radio with no reception. Michael used to be a teacher at Distants Ed school. He worked with kids around the world one in Dubai another in James Bay. The internet is more than it seems.

  20. I like technology a lot. Firstly, my favourite part of the story was the part where Mr. Haworth showed the sound on his phone. That sound was a beeping sound that I have heard before. Secondly, when he was telling his story I made a connection to my brother. Mr. Haworth said that he like taking things apart and my brother like to do that as well. Thirdly, I like technology a lot because they sometimes make me feel baffled. They make me feel baffled because I don’t use them a lot even though I like them a lot. Lastly, there is something that Mr. Haworth said that I won’t forget: don’t take things apart while they are still in a good working condition.

  21. I enjoyed three parts in Michale Haworths story. My favorite part in his book was when he played the bulletin board sound. Mr.Haworth ran a bulletin board that sounded that a fax machine. My connection to Mr.Haworth’s living book is me because I really like technology and same as Mr.Haworth. Mr.Haworth like to see what’s inside technology. He also like to take technology apart. I won’t forget that Mr.Haworth used a type writer in the olden days because there wasn’t any computer then.

  22. I liked this story. I like this story because it is interesting. It is interesting because it is all wires. My connection is that I know what the inside of a phone looks like. I know what an inside of a phone looks like because my mom’s phone got smashed. It’s all about technology is changing. Things that are changing are TV cell phones and computers.

  23. The wonderful world of technology. I like what he did to try to contact someone. IT was an amazing series of sounds. He explained he liked using technology to talk to people. I like using facebook to talk to people and play games. It was cool when he explained about the super computer. I wish I had a super computer. I was amazed what of what technology he used as a kid and growing.

  24. My favourite part is when micheal used his speical phone to macke that to call others on the conputer. I have a connetion from my dad if something break he takesit apart and fixs it and put back together. Micheal was talking about technology like iphones and ipods, ipads. i wont forget about technology.

  25. The wonderful world of technology. People like technology, iPhones, iPads, iPods…. Also, computers, they are important technology. I knew about technology. Technology means, science, skill, and there is an iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer. Computers are like type writers and we can do internet. I think technology is wonderful too.

  26. I liked the part when he showed us the modem. The modem sounded strange. I have a connection I also saw a cool computer in an antique shop. The antique shop was in Vancouver. I liked how interactive he was with the audience. I had to put my hand up three times. I also like computers a lot I LOVED YOUR STORY!!!

  27. The Wonderful world of technology

    Three things I liked was…I liked when I found out that you said you played with an electric kettle. My connection is I took a part a VCR at my friend’s house. One thing I liked was when you said you like to take hings a part like me to. I will always remember taking a part the VCR

  28. Michael Hawwords Living Book was absolutely incredible to listen to! Firstly, I have two favourite parts of Michael Haworlth’s Living Book. One of my favourite parts was when Michael told us about his favourite toy was a cattle. Another favourite part of mine was when he expressed his first time seeing technology in 1975 when he was in grade 1. Secondly, I had two connections while we listen to the Living Book. My brother works at Future Shop and he gets the latest updates like Michael has on his iPhone. Also, I like to take parts way from my brothers old technology. Lastly, Michael loves technology! Technology was not discovered back than, but they use to use type writers to type instead of a keyboard. Also, Michael would check his iPhone every once in a while to see the latest updates on technology. I learned that back than, they used type writers to type instead of computers and laptops.


  29. My faviourite part of the Living Book is when Micheal Haworth went to a field trip.And he seen a huge computer with a lot of flashing buttons.My connection was when I was a little kid and I played with type writer.And I liked the type writer.I enjoyed the part were Micheal Haworth showed us the dial noises.I liked how the dial noises sounded like.I felt cheerful to have another Living Book.

  30. My favourite part was when Michael Haworth started talking about technology. Cause I really love technology it’s amazing to learn about it because I find it interesting. My connection is when he asked if we have ever taken something a part. It reminds me when I use to brake toys because they were broken or I just hated the toy. The best part that I like about technology is. Computer and cell phones their my favourite technology right now. I learned that you needed a computer and a phone to contact other in different places.

  31. Michael Haworth loves technology and computers. In 1975 Michael Haworth loves for computer’s started he went to an oil company and saw a super computer he was excited and then the computer started making a crazy noise and then printed out Michael Haworth. Before the computers came out people used type writers. My connection is that I have used a type writer and it was difficult. In his, school when he was little they used type writers. His dad used to bring back gadgets from where he worked. Michael Haworth taught a grade six class and taught them how to use computers in Distence Ed school a girl from Jayme’s Bay Quebec sent a boy from doe by a picture of a polar bear outside her window and he sent her a picture of a sand dune. Michael Haworth had a thing called a bulletin board which let him talk to people around the world like a phone. I learned that there were computers in 1975 wow.

  32. Wow I really liked your story you taught me so much about technology. I loved the part when you told us about how you could phone people through your computer and hear each other. It’s so cool how you could take it apart and try to put it back together it must be so cool what it’s like. I loved it how you told us about that girl from Quebec and that boy from Dubai and how they communicated because of technology. Thank you so much for coming into are class and teaching us more about technology.

  33. Thank you for coming to Cheam elementary Mr. Haworth. That was a really good story you told us. I liked that story because i love technology and i always wanted to learn about technology. My favourite part was when you talked about taking things apart because it was just fascinating to know that. Thank you so much for coming in to are class room yesterday and telling us that story.

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