“Facing the Bear” by Gwen O’Mahony

Gwen O'Mahony - Book Cover - Facing The Bear

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36 thoughts on ““Facing the Bear” by Gwen O’Mahony

  1. Hi Gwen, its me Amber!
    I absalutly LOVED your story, its the best one yet!
    To me, my favourite part of the story was when you were BANGING on sombody’s door, and all that came out of your mouth was ” BEAR!”
    One of my connections to your story was when we had a school lock down because a black bear was spotted near our school!
    Thank you SO much Gwen for shareing your story with us!

  2. My favourite part of your story is when you came face to face with a bear and it was really funny to hear you falling off your bike. My favourite connection is that i have seen a bear to and it was my first time seeing a bear to. That story taught me not to panic when i see a bear thank you for coming to cheam elemantary gwen.

  3. Thank you Gwen O’Mahony for coming to Cheam Elemantry school’s grade four class and sharing your story,Facing the Bear. I really enjoyed listing to it. My favourite part was when Gwen kept on falling off her bike while staring at the bear and got up and ran away. I had a visual image when Gwen went down a hill on her bike while day dreaming and saw a dog. But she finally realized it was a bear and she started to panic. From this story I learned that if your gaurdians tell you to go somewhere they don’t want you to go ,you should take the advise and listen because there could be a wild bear or a wild animal. It was a great story. I hope Gwen can come share another story.


  4. My favourite part of this living book was when Gwen fell off her bike and then got back on it and fell off again because she was so scared of the bear.One of my connections to this book was when I just finished biking with my friend and suddenly I knoticed A deer charging at us, and I knew that deers normaly don’t charge at you but then I knoticed it was a male deer so me and my friend ran for it, luckly the deer wasn’t there. My second connetion was at are school and somone saw a black bear, the funny thing was that our school went in a lockdown. I thought this story was great because how you were doing all the stuff that made the story great and I like how you deeply detailed the story. This story thaught me never to run away from a bear because you could turn into a humen sandwich with extra bones.

  5. I thought your story was really interesting. My favourite part was when you saw the bear for the first time because I had no clue what the bear was going to do or how you were going to get home. One of my connections was when their was a bear by are school and their was another living library story about a bear. Now I know what to do when I see a bear because if I didn’t know and I saw a bear I might get really hurt. I loved you story, thank you for coming to are class.

  6. These are my 3 favourite parts of “Facing The Bear” my number 1 favourite part was when she was gliding toward the bear full speed but she couldnt move. My 2nd favourite part was when she was a adult going threw coho rd and seeing all the houses. And my 3rd and final favourite part was when she spoted the 2nd bear and just calmley walked away.

  7. Hi. My favorite part of the story was when you said you were riding your bike and saw what looked to be a dog but when you got closer you saw it was really a bear. That would of been SCARY. It would be even scarier if you were riding your bike towards it. My connection is that I’ve been super close to a bear in the Rockies. THE END.

  8. My favorite part of your story was when you said you lived in an area where all the roads were named after fish, like coho, chum and lots of other fish in the river. My connections to the living book was I live were theres lots of bears to. Now I know not to panick when encountering a bear or any other wild animals. I really liked your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow Gwen O’Mahony is a really good story
    teller! She used hand motions she raised her
    voice when there was an exciting part
    ( which was probably was the whole story )
    I just cant bellive how awsome her story was.
    My favourite part was when she was daydreaming
    and not even paying any attention to the bear.

  10. First I’d like to say thank you for coming to our class and telling us about your life. My favorite part was when you came face to face with the bear and when you couldn’t get back on your bike because your legs felt funny. I kind of know a little bit about how you felt , a few months ago there was a bear near the school and we had to stay in the class room and it was kind of scary. Thanks again for coming.

  11. Hi Gwen! Your story was AWESOME! My favourite part was when, you saw Coho Street again,but as an adult, and your heart started beating faster, and you started walking faster, because you remembered what it was like to see the bear. I really connected to you because, I have also saw a wild animal, but it was a wolf. This story was really AWESOME! I hope that you can come again, and tell us another story!

  12. Today’s Living Library was done by Gwen O’mahony Facing The Bear. My favourite part was when Gwen O’mahony saw a bear for the second time when it was years later at the mall. The first time she saw a bear she was on coho street she was biking and thought she saw a big black dog it was a bear she fell off her bike four times in shock and then she ran to the first home and screamed BEAR! I have only seen one with my whole family the bear did not see us so we left we were at the river. I think it was a black bear I was young. Gwen O’mahony lived in Cambell river when she saw the bear. I am afraid of spiders that is one of my fears Gwen O’mahony faced her fears the second time she saw the bear. I won’t forget Gwen O’mahony went face-to-face with a bear.

  13. Hi, my favourite part of the story was when you saw the bear . That reminds me of when I went to Dunken and my friends and I went up a hill and we saw a bear we cind of paniced. This story tought me that if you ever see a bear you don’t panic .

  14. The day I saw a bear One of my favourite parts is when she saw the bear and fell off her bike and ran to a house and a man got her bike for her. My connection is that when Gwen O’mahony saw the bear on her bike it reminded me of a bear cub on the road when me and my family going camping in our campground. Another one of my favourite parts is when they met at the alley and looked confused at each other. I felt scared when she sed she saw the bear again.

  15. I enjoyed three thing in Gwen O’Mahony’s living book. My favorite part in Gwen’s living book was when she found out her name meant bear. Gwen did some research on her name and she found out what her name meant. My connection to Gwen’s living book is me because when she was a kid she was scared of bears. And, I am really scared of bears and I am a kid. When Gwen was a kid she lived in Vancouver B.C. . Gwen lived in camp bell river which when the streets are named after types of fish.

  16. The story that Gwen told taught me a lesson. Firstly, my favourite part of the story was when the bear on the street just crawled into the trash can. I have never heard a bear feeding on garbage before. Secondly, when I heard the story I made a connection to David’s story. David’s story was called The Big Bear Scare. Thirdly, the story taught me a lesson because Gwen said bears looks like a dog when you look at it from a far distance. In the story, Gwen thought the bear was a dog at first. Lastly, I won’t forget to “stay calm” when I see a bear.

  17. I enjoyed Gwen O’Mahony Being in our class to tell her amazing story “Facing The Bear”. My favorite part of this story is when Gwen found out about her family history and found out she was from a clan/army of warriors (O’Mahony means Bear). I have some connections from this story I have seen many bears in my life, but not as close as Gwen did. I hope that I don’t have an encounter to a bear that close, I would surely panic. Though thank you Gwen for coming to both Central and Cheam to share your wonderful story.

  18. My favourite part of Gwen O’Mahony’s story was when she kept falling off her bike because her legs felt like cement. I also liked how later on she remembered the incident with that bear, only now she respected the wild life.
    I wonder if Gwen ever told anyone at the time other than her family what happened because she was embarassed about what happen that day.
    After Gwen’s story, I felt a little more aware of the wild life and animals that live in this area.
    Thank you Gwen O’Mahony!

  19. Hello Mrs. O’Mahony! I was very interested in your story and my favourite part was when you were face to face to the bear and you could not get on your bike because you felt like your legs were made out of concrete and you kept on falling off your bike and then you ran down the road and you knocked on the man’s door and you looked like you were attacked by the bear and after you told the man what happened he got your bike for you and then you rode home and after you told your mom she said ” You should of gotten on your bike and booked it down the road and came home”! When I go home I will be thinking always listen to your parents! Thankyou.

  20. I enjoyed “Facing The Bear” told by Gwen O’ Mahony. She told us a story about when she was 11 and when she was 20. The story was about her two encounters with juvenile bears. I have never seen a bear up close so I don’t know the terrified feeling. It must have been scary when she came face to face with a black bear. (She thought it was a big dog) I think she was brave the second time. She just crossed the street very calmly. I learned that bears are a symbol of courage and strength.

  21. It had been a pleasure for Gwen O’Mahony to share her living story,”Facing The Bear!” Firstly, my favourite part of Gwen O’Mahony’s living book was when she fell off her bike numerous times because she was in panic while facing the juvenile bear a few feet away. That was my favourite part because how Gwen O’Mahony explained how she fell was quit amusing. Secondly, my connection I made was when she was searching her name on a new thing called internet, Gwen O’Mahony’s named meant bear. When I was in third grade, and aboriginal lady came into our classroom and translated my name to Klastena. Lastly, another favourite part of mine was when she was in her twenty’s, she stood face to face to another juvenile bear in her hometown. It was strange she said, but her and the juvenile bear were startled to see each other because she did some research about bears so she wasn’t going to panic anymore. This story taught me if you go face-to-face to a bear, don’t panic or you will turn into a human sandwich!

  22. My favourite part and my connection to the book Gwen O’Mahony wrote. My favourite part of the book is when Gwen went to go face the bear.That was my favourite part because she had confidents. I have made a connection with the bear. I was in the forest when I saw a bear. My other favourite part is when she found out that her last name means bear. Thats my favourite part because my last name means moose. I learned that you have to face your fears.

  23. I thought your story was really great. This story reminded me of the bear beside our school. My favourite part was when you cept falling off the bike. I hope you can come again some other day.

  24. Facing the bear

    My favourite part was when Gwen O ‘ Mahony said that there are streets named out of fishes.

    I never saw or heard of a road that had a fish name. My connection was when she fell off her bike four times. I liked riding a bike and I was good at it to, but one time I felt weak like my body shut down when that happen I fell so it felt weird.

    My second favourite part was when she met another bear. That was funny, but you did now how get out of there. I learned that you never run from a bear or panic in front of a bear.

  25. Gwen O’Mahony “Facing The Bear”

    I thought it was funny when she said her legs felt rubber. I imagined it being bendy and floppy. My dad sees bears when he is hunting. That would relate because they both saw bears. I thought about her seeing another bear. She was very calm. I Learn’t to stand strong against fears.

  26. I personally enjoyed the story because Gwen had a showdown with a bear. I found that really cool. Gwen is also a member of parliament, but I forget what she is politically. When Gwen was a kid she found a bear and panicked and her legs felt like rubber, but when she was an adult she back away slowly when Gwen saw another bear that seems to have to a lot of bravery.

  27. Gwen O’Mahony had an amazing story about how she faced a bear in Campbell river. My favorite part of this book was when Gwen described how she had no control of her legs. She said they felt like cement and she couldn’t ride her bike anymore. Even though I’ve never seen a bear I’m really scared of them. I go hiking every weekend and I’m surprised I’ve never seen one. One day she was looking up her last name and she found out it meant bear! That is a crazy coincidence! I will never forget to be cautious of bears if I ever go to Campbell river!

  28. I liked three parts of the Living Book. I liked the part where Gwen thought the bear was a dog. But when she got closer it was a bear. I’ve only seen one bear in Aiyansh, it was a big one. But Gwen O’Mahony saw three bears. I liked it when she said she was frozen. Then, her legs felt like rubber. Today I learned to never run when a bear is near you.

  29. My favourite part was when Gwen got shocked at the same time the bear did. Because it was kind of funny when Gwen and the bear got shocked at the same time. When I was with my grandma me and her seen a bear on the middle of the road. Because it reminded me of Gwen o mahony’s story about her facing a bear. I learn don’t get to afraid of animals like a black bear.

  30. MY favorite part of the book was when Gwen cycled by the bear. She realised that it was a bear when it lifted it’s paw. My connection is when my dad took pictures of a black bear. He took pictures of a bear from his truck. (I actually have a funny part.) Gwen knocked on the door closest to where she was and the only thing that came out of her mouth was “Bear.” All that Gwen could say was “Bear.” the lesson that I learned was to never panic or run away from a bear.

  31. What I liked about Gwen O’ Mahony’s story, Facing The Bear. My favourite part of the story was how all the streets were named after different types of fish. I liked this part because it’s quite unique. I made a connection to her story, my connection was that I read a book before of a girl who was fantasied by bears. This reminded me about the story because Gwen saw two bears in her life. Another one of my favourite parts was when her legs were feeling like rubber and cement. I liked this part because it’s an example of how you can feel different emotions when your scared. I learned from her story that if you ever see or hear something that’s scary you should never panic or look like your scared, you should just stay calm and concur your fears

  32. Firstly my favorite part of the story is when she went face- to- face with a bear. That she did the opposite what not to do when you see a bear, Secondly my favorite part of the story was when she went back she was thinking what are you doing here and she thinks the bear is thinking the same thing, Lastly my favourite part of the story is that she was brave to go back there again. I learned not to go somewhere someone said there were bears and not to mistake a dog for a bear

  33. I like the story facing the bear. My favorite part of the story facing the bear is when she saw the bear. It’s my favorite part because she thought it was a dog. My connection is when she was riding the bike. I ride my bike a lot. I like that she saw another bear when she was older and at her moms house. I like that because it mitt be the same bear. I won’t forget not run when you see a bear.

  34. Facing The Bear

    It was the black bear when Gwen O’ Mahony got closer because she thought that it was a dog.

    My conmnection is,im scared of bears too.

    She was face to face with a bear.

    I learned not to run away from a bear

    • Facing The Bear.
      My favorite part was when,Gwen could not get on her bike because Gwen said her legs were like blocks,then after spagetti. My connections are,I have saw a bear and I like to bike.
      This story taught me that bears do not always attack,because the bear did not attack Gwen when she was panicing.

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