“Running Away and Losing a Best Friend” by Shelly



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16 thoughts on ““Running Away and Losing a Best Friend” by Shelly

  1. I enjoyed “Running Away And Losing My Best Friend”. I liked how Shelly could work humor into her story. There were a few funny parts! I can relate to how my dad always tells me the story of when my aunt ran away from home when she was a kid. She came right back! I know how you felt when you lost Patch, my cat Max died when I was seven or eight. It felt like I lost my best friend. What I learned from this story was never to run away from home, even now I’m scared of running away!

  2. I liked Shellys story “Running Away And Losing A Best Friend.”
    My favourite part of the living book is when Shelly thought she lost her dog patch. My connection is when I would always run away from my parents. My other favourite part is when Shelly went back home to her parents again. I learnt to never run away even if you really want to.

  3. I love how you added exciting parts in your story like when you saw something orange and it was just a fox . 🙂 I also liked it when you realized that your parents are supposed to tell you what to do because they want you to be a good kid. I also really sorry that you dog had to get put down:(

  4. I really enjoyed your story. It was in a way funny you sounded like you were comfortable. I have a connection, my dog we had to put down too i felt just like you like i lost a best friend:(:( I think you did a really great job!.

  5. I realy liked your story. I live on a farm to so i no what you mean. When i was yonger i tryed to run away to. I liked how you gave your dog a voies to.

  6. Hello Shelly! You kind of inspired me because how you said what patches was thinking so that inspired me to do that for my living book! I really enjoyed like how Marlee said that when you saw the orange and you thought that it was a coyote but it was actually a fox! I also liked when you were really worried that when you woke up and patches was not there and then you went onto the bridge and you saw spot lying in the grass and I bet you felt very relieved after that.

  7. I really enjoyed your living library story. You did a great job at adding detailed words and exciting parts. thanks for sharing your story. I am also sorry that your dog got put down.

  8. I really loved your story because you taught us to never run away from home and you put lots of detail into your story. I like how you told us what think patch would have said. This was an amazing story.

  9. I liked the story because you taught us not to run away from home. You put lots of details into that story. I also like how you make Patch say something that it looked like he would say if he could talk.
    THAT WAS A GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I really liked this living book because it was very supenseful and this story taught me never run away from home. This was a very detailed story like how you made Patch talk in the story. I found it really sad when Patch got put down because my cat has got put down last year.

  11. I liked your story because it taught us never to run away from home or our problems. I liked how you used lots of detailed words in your story. My favourite part about your story was when you said “I almost collapsed ok maybe I did collapse” which I thought was funny. I also liked how you gave Patch a voice which was cool and funny.

  12. I really liked “Running Away And Losing A Best Friend”, because of how you spoke in full detail! I could picture everything! I once wanted to run away to because my parents kept on telling me what to do! I once broke, (well I didn’t brake in it’s just they had the door open) into my neighbours house when I was four! My dad thought I had run away! I lost my dog Jack to cancer, so I guess I can relate to you! Awesome story! Thanks!

  13. I really liked you living book because it was so detailed. and i thought that you tot us a lesson to never run away from home. and i thought that your story was so good.

  14. What I thought about Shelly’s living book. My favorite part of Shellys living book was that Shelly added the little details in her book. How she was talking about her backyard and what she took with her when she ran away. Another part of the living book that I liked was how Shelly was telling us her story. Her pauses, disappointed moments and how she was telling her story. Something else I liked was her talking about her dog. Her dog name is patch.

  15. I like the living library book Running away and losing a best friend by shelly. My favourite part of the living book was your army crawl through backyard . Did you really have to army crawl? I also had a giant mysterios yard. But sadly it wasn’t on my property it was just a banded lot. Another one of my favourite things from the story was your dog’s “voice”. How you put a voice to your dog was highly creative. I learned not to run away from home!

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