“My Family Of Polar Bears” by Madison


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14 thoughts on ““My Family Of Polar Bears” by Madison

  1. Madison’s living story was fascinating to me. My favourite part of “My Family Of Polar Bears” was when I heard how people wear the costume’s. It is my favourite part because I heard Fred and zombies and it reminded me of a show. A connection I made was when I went to Cambodia and I have to see my cousins I haven’t seen in a while. It was really fun seeing them in a while because we got to play football too! Also, I liked how she didn’t use as much filler words. It sounded like she had practiced and because that was one of her goals. I will never forget how she got to run through ice-cold water because she told me her experience.

  2. I enjoyed “My Family Of Polar Bears” by Madison. My favorite part of the story was when they started the swim. I liked how she described the icy cold water. I have seen the polar bear swim on TV. It was in 2009 I think. After she told us her story, she showed us the pin she got there. I thought it was funny how she only did the swim for the pins. I won’t forget how she wore her pajamas only because they were warm and fluffy. And, a note for Madison: I really liked your story!

  3. Madison’s Living Library was awesome. My favourite part of the book was when you mentioned the pin. The pin looked adorable by the way. My connection is when I jumped in to Cultus lake. In the winter. I liked the part with the costumes. Was there a Yogi bear? Madison said, “You should always try new things,” and I think that is good advice.

  4. My opinions on Maddison’s living book. Firstly, I liked the way that your family go to the beach when the water is freezing cold. My parents doesn’t let me near water when the water is freezing cold. When I heard the story I made a connection to the time when I was at Cultus Lake. That was the only time my parents let me near water when the water is less than fifteen degrees. Thirdly, I think that it is kind of weird to go to the beach when the water is freezing cold. My brother told me that he had fever after being in cold water. Something I won’t forget is that it is possible to near water in winter.

  5. I like Madson’s story because it is cool and crazy. My favourite part of Madison’s book was when she ran into the cold water. My connection to this book is that in Surrey my family used to go to the park for the whole day. I think Masison did a great job retelling the story. Something I learned from the story was when you try new things they may seem crazy, but after a few times they seem normal.

  6. Madison’s living book “My Family Of Polar Bears” is a wonderful and humorous. My favourite part of the book was when Madison was talking about how cold the water was and how they stayed in it for a minute. I could only imagine how cold the water was and staying in it for a minute. M connection is when my family went to long beach and we all held hands and jumped in the water. But instead of the water being cold it was really warm. I thought it was humorous when Madison only did the swim for the pin. I probably would only do it for the pin to, but it would be a fun time. I learned about the swim so maybe next polar bear swim I will go.

  7. My thoughts of my family of polar bears. I liked the part you saw people in costumes. I liked this part because Fred Flinstone is my favourite person because he yells Wilma! My connection to this is swimming at night outside. My connection is swimming outside at a river at 10:00. I think it was really cool you got polar bear pins. I looked like in real life. I learnt that it is fun to try new things.

  8. I have three thoughts on Madison living book. My favorite part is when you said everyone was wearing costumes. I found that funny. My connection is when you said people were wearing costumes. It reminds me of Halloween. I liked how you said that it’s always good to try new thing. Even if it looks weird. I learned that it’s good to try new things.

  9. (I liked Maddy’s story because) one of my favourite parts is when she mentioned hot chocolate because I like hot chocolate too. A connection I made is when I was in Bonnyville and we went to a beach and it was freezing. Another one of my favourite parts is when you said you just did it for the pins. Something I won’t forget is that you need to learn new things to.

  10. Hello! My name is Kammy, and I am going to tell you what I like about “My Family Of Polar Bears” by Madison. My favorite part was when she described how her, her family, and the people around her dressed. I find it very cool that she remembers those little things. I have a connection with this story, which is, I was going to do the polar bear swim, but my mother and I ditched. It’s ironic because I was going to go with Madison and her family, wit my mother, but she refused to wake up, so we ended up ditching it. The Polar Bear Swim must be CRAZY! All the people, running into icy cold water, it seriously would be crazy! I won’t forget this story because it was funny, crazy, and cool.

  11. In the story Madison went in the water to do a Polar bear swim. My connection to the story is that I have also been swimming. In the story Madison also went to StarBucks and bought hot chocolate. I learnt that if you run/jump into beach water on new years day then it’s called a Polar bear swim.

  12. What I liked about “My Family Of Polar Bears”. Something I really liked was how that the polar bear swim was her family’s tradition. I think family traditions are really special that’s why that was my favourite part. My connection to Maddy’s story was I love to swim. Another favorite part of mine was when Maddy said; “My family only did the swim for the pins”. Something I learned was to always try new things.

  13. What I liked about Madison’s living book,”My Family Of Polar Bears.”I liked how the Polar Bear Swim was a family tradition for Madison’s family. I liked this part because I think that all families should have traditions that bring them together. The connection I made is that once went to the beach before when it was cold. The difference is that I went once, and Madison went basically went every year. What I thought was funny was when Madison said,”they stayed in their pajamas, until the swim because they were warm.”I thought this was funny because it was silly and amusing. Something I won’t forget is to always try something new.

  14. “My Family Of Polar Bear’s”

    My Favorite part of the book was when the other competitors dressed up in funny costumes. I thought that because there are people how looked like Fred Flintstones and zombies. Also, my connection, is when I was at a zombie pool party everybody looked like zombies. I thought that because it was Halloween and the Leger center was having a zombie celebration.

    I loved how Madison only did the race for the pin I thought it was very funny. I won’t, forget Madison only wanted the pin with a cartoon bear on it.

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