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17 thoughts on ““My Haunted House” by Connor

  1. My name is Pearce and my favourite part of the living book was when Connor found a rusty old dagger in his backyard. I don’t have any connections. I thought that the funny part was every house they moved into smelt like apple pie. I learned never ever move into a haunted house unless I have to.

  2. My name is Christina and I enjoyed your living story called “My Haunted House.” Firstly, my favourite part of your living story was when I heard you used an old camera to take a picture of your fireplace and you saw a white see through thing. I believe him because he is responsible, but when I lived in my other house in Abbostford, and I was the same thing, but near my mom’s nail and hair room. Secondly, a connection I made was when I went to my cousins new house. It was really creepy because the doors would close by itself and also there was weird noises coming from a small area in the wall. Lastly, I really liked how you put life into your story so it would be even better. I really liked that because I couldn’t do that in my living story because I didn’t have the confidence like you did. Something I will NEVER forget is not to move into a haunted house!

  3. My favourite part was when you said it could be an apple pie ghost. I thought this because I thought it was really funny. My connection is when I was living with my grandma my mom always said when she was little she ‘seen a ghost.

    I thought this because it scared me so much and it was kind of paranormal. I thought it was awesome how you found a sword like shape. I thought this because I think thing like swords are awesome. I ‘wont forget how he fell and couldn’t get back up

  4. I thought your story was interesting to listen to and hear about all of your experiences. I think with all of these crazy events that your house could have actually been haunted! I wouldn’t want to live in a haunted house either! Your story reminded me of when you and your sister came to a haunted house with us for my brothers birthday. I almost died there, it was so scary! I’m glad my house isn’t like that, my nerves would get the best of me! From your story I will remember never to move into a haunted house!

  5. My thoughts on my haunted house. My favourite part was when you found a “sword”. It would be cool to see in real life. I had a dream I was in a labyrinth and there are always three doors. It’s a connection to your old room. I wonder if it was an apple pie ghost. I would ask it to be friends :p . I learned what a false door is.

  6. What I liked about Connor’s living story, “My Haunted House.” My favourite part was when your mom thought it was an apple pie ghost. I liked this part because it was amusing. A connection I made was that I used to live in a house where my doors didn’t function properly. I don’t know if it was quite creepy as yours though. I wonder if there are people living in the house you used to live in. If there are I would feel bad for them, just for listening to what you said. Something I won’t forget is to never move into a haunted house.

  7. I enjoyed your story, “My Haunted House” Conner. My favourite part was when you were describing the two mini doors. I think its weird to have three doors in one bedroom. I have never lived in a haunted house, but I have seen white see through figments in pictures. It is usually just a glitch in those types of cameras. I think you did a good job telling your story. You had lots of enthusiasm and descriptive language. I won’t forget to never move into a haunted house.

  8. Three things I liked about “My Haunted House”. My favorite part of “My Hounted House” was when he said that every time he has moved to a haunted house there would always be a scent of apple pie. My connection to Connor’s living book is that once I have watched a movie and a see threw shape came out of no wear. Something that scared me was when he said his room was all white and he had three doors in his room. Something I have learned was to never move into a haunted house.

  9. A favourite part of mine was when you fell and could not get up because you were too short I think that was funny. A connection I made was when I wanted a room’ but I did not get the room I wanted. Another favourite part of mine is how your room had three doors. Something I won’t forget is you don’t get what you want all the time.

  10. My thought on the book My Haunted House

    My favourite part is when you said every house smell like apple pie. I found that funny.

    My connection is when you found that rusty stick thing. I’ve found something like that, but it was a pipe.

    My second favourite part is when you said there were no stairs. I think it unusual to get a part of the house that doesn’t have stairs.

    I won’t forget about the apple pie ghost.

  11. I liked Connor’s story and here is why. Firstly, I liked the part when he described how the door locked itself. In the story, it was described as a ghost. When I heard the story I made a connection to my friend’s playroom. That room also had a crawl space. Thirdly, I like the way he described everything very creepy. Could actually be a good thing when telling a story. Lastly, I won’t forget to never go exploring in your own room.

  12. My favorite part of the book was when you found a sword. I can’t connect how it would feel living in a haunted house. Really the house smelled like apple pie. Conner you should have made that crawl space into a fortress. Fortress are cool. I learned that ghosts might be real

  13. What I liked about Connors living library. My favorite part was the detail Connor put in. I liked this story because I lived in a haunted house before and I was scared. I liked that he finished with something he learned. “I learned to never move into a haunted house again”. I won’t forget the part where he said it was an apple pie ghost because it was funny.

  14. Hello, Connor! I am going to tell you my two of my favourite parts and a connection. One of my favourite parts is when you said” maybe it is an apple pie ghost.” Tha’ts one of my favourite parts because you put emotion in it when you said it. A connection I made is I had my own bedroom that had one crawl space. The door to the crawl space would open and close. My other favourite part is when you use emotion while you’re reading the story. That’s my other favourite part because when you use emotion it shows that you are into the story. I learned that you should not live in a haunted house because you never know what’s coming.

  15. Hello, my name is mytram and my favourite part was when you said it smelled like apple pie and it might have been an apple pie ghost, and my other favourite part was when you took a picture the fireplace and you saw something clear and you saw a spine, my connection is my door keeps opening and no one is ever there, and I will never forget the apple pie ghost.

  16. My favourite part was when Connors sister helped from one of the door that jumped down from. My connection is about my bed and it is high and you could fall out the window easily. My other favourite part is when his sister was dashing throw the door. Something that I learned is not to jump down somewhere when it fixed.

  17. ‘Connor’s house was creepy and might have been haunted. Conner’s room had two hatches,one lead to a crawl space, the other, a storage room. Once he got stuck in the storage room and was saved by his dad. The door to Connor’s room often closed unexpectedly. When it did it seemed to lock itself even though there was no lock. My house is realy old and often creaks, its realy creepy. I have two attic like rooms that are simalar to the storage room. I wont forget how the cool hatches lead to cool sub-rooms.

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