“Saving Seagulls” by Brian Minter


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Brian Minter began sharing his passion for plants with British Columbia’s gardners when, in 1970, he and his wife Faye purchased Country Garden Store, a garden shop that had been part of Chilliwack’s community since 1957. In 1977, the Minters discovered a piece of land nestled beneath Mt. Cheam and by 1980, that passion for plants was transformed into 32-acre, world-famous Minter Gardens.

Brian, a University of British Columbia graduate (BA) and Master Gardener, quickly became BC’s go-to garden expert through his experience at both the garden centre and the display gardens. As such, he has hosted countless radio and television shows, is a frequent gardening columnist and is the author of Canadian Best Seller, ‘Brian Minter’s New Gardening Guide – Fresh Approaches for Canadian Gardeners’.

Brian and Faye are co-owners of Minter Country Garden Store and operate it along with their family.


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Santa Catalina Island, California


14 thoughts on ““Saving Seagulls” by Brian Minter

  1. I enjoyed Brian Minter’s book. In my opinion my favourite part was when he told us about how he saved the bird by jumping in to the water. His wife must of put her hand on her face in dis aroval and said “Not again”. If I was on of the fishermen that he spoke to I tottaly would of helped him. Even if I had tocut the line with a key. Thank you for sharing your story “Saving Seagulls”. I enjoyed this story and this expierencence so thanks again for sharing. I think the moral of the story is that you should always help those in need.

  2. Brain Minter Saved a Seagull.
    My favorite part was when Brain Minter saved a seagull, from drowning and then Brain went to the dock and let the seagull go.
    When I was 5 or 6 we had a cat named Ricky, he had health problums and I told my mom so we took him to the vet, and got rid of him.
    Brain Minters message was think of others not just your self, and I thouht the message was Heart warming.
    I will not forget when I got Brain Minters message, and I learnt about seagulls/ when seagulls stomp there feet that gets the worms out of the ground.

  3. Mr. Minter’s story, “Saving Seagulls” carries a very clear and important message. When Brian noticed the seagull in distress and struggling in the waters around the island of Catalina off the coast of California, he made a clear choice. He could have left it to free itself from the tangled fishing wire, which was causing it harm, but he did not. Instead, he chose to make a positive impact on the world around him by rescuing the bird and cutting it free from the twisted plastic mess. He did this despite being faced with opposition from others who thought that saving the bird had little value. He did not succumb to peer pressure. He remained his own man, and stayed true to his moral base.

    This message compliments the work we are doing around social justices causes, so thank you for sharing your time with us.


    Mr. Lister

  4. thank you for coming to our classroom and sharing your story Saving Seagulls. My favourite part was when you jumped into the water and your wife said, “Oh no not again”. My connection is that I have saved a cat before that it had no parents or food. It’s my cat and I named her mittens. You taught me that seagulls are intelligent, omnivores and live all around world. Another neat thing I also learned that seagulls stomp to get worms to come out of the dirt. I think the meaning of your story was if you think it’s right, then do it I think this because you jumped in the ocean to save that seagulls life.

  5. My favourite part of Brian Minters story was when you actually cared about saving that seagulls life and got help. This is my favourite part because most people in the world don’t care about animals life and you did so that made me happy. My connection is that once I have seen a baby bird that was in trouble in a bush and I helped it get free. When I saw that baby bird it looked sad and sense I like birds I decided to help it. I think Brian Minters message was when you see an animal or anything else that is in danger make a good choice and help that person or that animal. Something that I won’t forget is when you helped that seagull when it was in danger! It made me joyful.

  6. Do you save things around you?

    My main idea (favourite part) is when Brian saved the seagull. That was my favourite part because when he saved it he probably was the only one who took their time to save it. My connection to real life is I’ve saved a little robin when it fell from its nest. It had no hair and no wings so it was helpless. So my sister and I took care of it, gave it worms and then sadly it died three days later. My choice of the story is I thought you presentation was cool because you actually saved a seagull! My wrap up sentence is I think it’s just the right thing to do to save stuff around you.

  7. Would you save a seagull ? My favourite part of the living book is when Brian saved the seagull. My connection to the living book was when Brian saved the bird because I seen someone save a bird. When Brian asked the people to help the bird they said “get that bird away from me ” only one guy helped him and he wasn’t very nice about it. Something I won’t forget is don’t walk away from a problem.

  8. I liked Brian Minter’s story, “Saving Seagulls.” My favourite part of the story Brian Minter saving seagulls was when one of the three fisherman said yes because he saved the seagull. My other favourite part of the story is when the seagull flies away with no wounds. Main Idea (a connection to the story) My connection is when I had helped a bird that flew into a glass window and broke it’s wing so I had helped it and the broken wing got fixed. I think the message of the story was when you can help someone you should help. I think the big idea is Don’t think about yourself all of the time

  9. My favourite part of the living library was when he tried to save the seagull. He saved seagull from drowning. Ive saw a seagull swimming on the sea at Cultias lake with my dad. An other connections is when I was at Cultias I seen a seagull eating garbage. I will not forget how you saved the seagull. I really enjoyed your living library.

  10. Would you save a seagull? My favorite part was when everybody said no. My connection is I saw a seagull eat garbage. I want to see a big flock of seagulls. I learned that seagulls are helpful.

  11. Brian Minter your story was inspiring. My favorite part in the story was when brian minter said that he saved a seagull at Catalina. Brian Minter was on vacation when he saved the seagull in the water struggling because he was trapped in a fish net. My connection to the story is that I saw a seagull and it was swimming. I saw the seagull at ross lake campground with my friend Katie and Hayley and there both in grade five now. My main idea is that Brian Minter told us that he asked alot of people to help him. There was only one person who helped him and that was the very last person and something I wont forget is that he inspired me to save animals like birds and different types of animals except bears.

  12. Saving Seagulls was a very meaningful story. I thought when Brian Minter saved a seagull it was the right thing to do. I think any good person would have saved that seagull. I think the people who didn’t help you were not very kind. I think that because they didn’t use empathy for the seagull. I made a connection to the living book, it was that animal respect is a big thing in my family. We always help animals in my family , many of our pets are rescues. I won’t forget how the story was about treating animals with respect.

  13. Brian Minter saved a seagull. Seagulls are like garbage collectors. Seagulls are not so very smart. Seagulls are scared of people. Brian Minter saved a seagull. When Brian Minter saved the seagull no one helped him. I saved my sisters in the wave pool. Brian Minter went on fairy with his wife. I went on a fairy four times. I won’t forget to help people when they need help.

  14. super kind yet right there you notice there is a message which says help anything in need. One connection I have is not the strongest yet not the weakest. I am a fisherman and one time I caught a seagull in a fishing line and had to go around and asked to get something to set it free. This is what I did, but you found this seagull not caught by accident so doing that made me feel bad yet it is not nice to hurt birds by getting them stuck in a net and not letting them free. One main idea is why did they trap the birds in the first place Brian had rescued the seagull that is super sad why it was there in the net in the first place I abhor people who trap birds for fun. Why would you do that just to see a bird drowned it is mean to do that at all. Something I learned that there is a island called Catalina island,

    which is south of Canada now let’s head to Catalina were my next vacation is.

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